Damned computers — 9 Comments

  1. god yeah you could probably write an entire book on annoying ads – but nothing beats those ads talking about women’s – you know time of the month … there I am eating me dinner or talking to my younger brother (he’s a teenager don’t you know) and the next minute there’s this ad going on about about well you know … talk about awkward 

  2. Jesus look how thick the Ribena is in the glass. Our Mammy wouldn’t let us have it because she said it would rot our insides. Same went for sugary cereal. Although one time my sister did really well in her piano exam and to celebrate Mammy bought us Coco Pops. They were delicious.

  3. I haven’t seen an advert of any kind for several years, and I don’t intend to start now. Unless you count that thing at the top of this page, “Follow Grandad on twitter”, which seems to also incorporate a cartoon character. Double standards?

  4. Doug – Just so long as I can ram the razor wire up his hole first?

    Jenikybooky – Those were the Good Old Days when sugar was good for us.  God knows what was in Ribena in those days, but for sure, it wouldn’t be allowed now.

    Ciaran – How fucking pedantic can you get?  I’m talking about animated cartoons.  And leave my vulture alone.  He’s not harming anyone.  Yet.

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