Second hand obesity — 14 Comments

  1. Reminds me of an incident a few years ago. My mates fat sister touched him on the shoulder and he said, “Don’t touch me, I might catch fat!”

    The air turned blue very quickly…….

  2. Sheesh, I’ve been hanging around fat hoggers obese people all my life in hopes to gain a few pounds yet at 51 I still only weigh 150. So much for their theory. Of course, there’s plenty obese mothers and fathers waddling around with obese kids waddling behind them these days but that’s family, not friends and acquaintances. Sometimes I have to wonder if these doctors, researchers and theorists ever get out of their office and do real research.
    On that note, I’m off for a slider and and an order of large fries deep fried in well used animal lard.

  3. I know some fatties. Funny thing about them is they eat very lightley in company. They don’t fool me.

  4. Dr Gottfried(potatoes) writes :   
    “Obesity has replaced cigarette smoking as our number one public health hazard!”

  5. Bucko – Heh!  Frankly, your mate is lucky to be alive.

    Kirk M – These days, ‘research’ seems to be a case of taking the expected result and then working backwards, inventing statistics to prove whatever is required.

    TT – Having grown bored with persecuting smokers, they have to find a new target somewhere?

    Mick – I think we are fairly safe in this country from ‘fat persecution’ all the time those two are in power?  Heh!

  6. Sorry, have been quite out of the loop lately but trying to get back into the swing.
    I reckon we’re already stuck in a massive trend of second hand cuntiness.  Who are these wankers to tell us regardless of what way we live?
    I gave up smoking three weeks ago, but I don’t lecture smokers.
    I enjoy burgers and if someone wants to tell me that I’m making other people fat then they can suck a hairy one.
    Second hand cuntiness I tells ya.

  7. We should make the Fat people stand outside the pubs too, as a form of discrimination – Fucking Fat people & Smokers trying to kill me, ye fuckers.

  8. Maxi – Welcome back to the wold of the living!  Fair play for giving up the smokes.  You’ll save a fortune.  And fair play for not turning into a rabid Anti like so many smug quitters do.

    Lafsword – What about red-heads?  They should go and stand in the compost heap – their redness is highly offensive!

  9. I’m waiting for them to  bring in a law banning drinking in pubs. You can come and sit quietly in the corner if you must. But by jesus if you want to take a swig of that guinneas you better go stand outside with the smokers and fatties.

  10. Vespasian – Don’t joke about it.  It will happen.   They already have their beady eyes on the drinks trade.  Soon it will be a case of serving drinks only to underweight, non-smoking, childless [got to consider the children!], over fifty teetotallers.

  11. I totally believe in this. My husband’s sister’s teacher’s cousin was obese, and I can’t seem to drop my post pregnancy weight now because I can’t stop thinking about how awful it is, so I keep eating. Seriously, guys, you should take this thing more seriously.

    • Welcome Natalie!

      The solution to your problem is quite obvious – Just get your husband's sister to change her teacher?

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