Skyping Herself — 6 Comments

  1. Such a thoughtful husband you are GD.
    I axed.. oops, I mean EXed, my last OH, when he started hiding my ciggies. He said my bronchial hacking got on his nerves too much. Complain, complain, complain. Confiscating my secret booze stash was one thing – but hiding my coffin sticks…tsh..! 
    Anyway, as I said – I ‘exed’ him.
    Come to think of it (random thought and nothing to do with anything); the cabbage patch did really well that year……

  2. Geri – Hiding fags is well out of order [unless of course, I’m doing the hiding?].  You were right to terminate ex him.  Funny you should mention cabbages.  I usually do well with my crops too.  Strange?

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