Smoking a strimmer can damage your health — 5 Comments

  1. I’m betting you’re really popular with your Male neighbours .. getting the “nagging machines” flashed up to the pitch of ..

    “….. and if that ould bollix can get off his arse to cut the grass, so can you” … 😉
    For the real hard-liners of mechanised gardening .. there’s always the ultimate of the “Ride-on mower”  … 🙂 🙂

  2. My male neighbours can sort out their own domestic affairs.  Nothing to do with me.  And I’m a hard-liner, am I?  I like my ‘ride-on’  🙂

  3. Bi Jasus mi auld Ranbler,did you not know,theres more
    fuming shit pumped out at Collinstown Airfield in one day
    than all the smoking paddiies have pumped out  since
    Chris Columbus got back from the Americas.


  4. “And I’m a hard-liner, am I? I like my ‘ride-on’ ” …..
    I should have known you’d have one really … 😉 😉

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