Chilling the dinner plates — 12 Comments

  1. “Who the fuck decides on what is acceptable behaviour?”

    Polite society. Based on etiquette,good manners,the convention of the time. Has always been so.

  2. Etiquette and good behaviour have sweet fuck all to do with the acceptabilty of hanging a plate on the wall.  I’m talking about the faceless ones who suddenly decide that it is all right for us to have floral wallpaper this week, when it wasn’t allowed last week.

  3. must show this to the enemy…she’s at me to paint the kitchen.. stick a few plates’s all the rage now pet…

  4. Cool is uncool. And awesome is less than awesome. But acceptable is totally unacceptable.
    I can’t stand the word “unacceptable”.

  5. Doug – It solves a few storage problems.  And, of course it you don’t wash ’em, it can be classed as ‘art’?

    Frank – It never occurred to me to be worried about that word.  It doesn’t grate like the others, somehow.  I shall look ourt for it in future and see if it gets under my skin too.

    Morris – Fuck me if I know.  If it isn’t, just wait ’til next week.

  6. An awesome post Grandad. You are so cool.
    Fuck. Ran out of steam. Tried to fit gay in well but failed.
    How gay is that?

  7. I hung all my crockery on the wall but it all fell down and became a tremendously important installation (or is that de-installation?). I just sold it to the Tate Modern for £67,000. Unfortunately I’m now missing a very important wall and quite a lot of the floor.

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