A clean post — 15 Comments

  1. That’s funny Grandad ..
    Do you have a link to that please ?
    I’d like to send it to my kids as an e mail attachment .. I’m sure they’d like it too ..
    Cheers ..

  2. Ranty – I left him on for a while too.  I don’t think the little fucker ever gets tired.

    Val & TT – What the fuck are you on about?  The pair of you have me down as some kind of fucking foul mouthed sex-maniac?

    Bucko – No cats.  The dog ate them all.  Have two guinea pigs, but they are abroad on holidays at the moment.

    Haddock – The link is in the post.  N0.  That sounds wrong.  I didn’t mail it to you.  I mean the link is in the text up there  ^.

  3. Yeah. Thanks for that.
    I feel obliged to pass it on to other soon-to-be-bemused innocents.
    Cat-lovers in particular.

  4. Instructions duly followed, nicked and passed on. Although I do hope that the patented screen cleaner didn’t have time to do his hangy down bits* before he did MY screen.
    *Or the undertail area either 😉

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