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  1. “Prof Smith said good relationships benefit individuals throughout their existence from childhood to later life.
    He said: “This effect is not isolated to older adults. Relationships provide a level of protection across all ages.”

     Stating the obvious and condescending at the same time.  Makes you want to reach for the ciggies and the booze.

  2. But everyone knows that us old folk don’t have any friends unless we play bowls or bingo?

    Pass the whiskey, anyway.


  3. Lisdoonvarna is great craic, as Christy Moore’s song of more than 20 years ago proved. Seriously though, I owe my healthy nonsmoking existence to Lisdoonvarna. My parents met there when they went to ‘take the waters’ one autumn many many years ago. It was ceili and old time waltzing to live hotel bands in them pre-TV days, and horses and traps were a common mode of rural transport, and holding hands was the height of passion. Does the missus know you’re going there, grandad?
    Studies have shown that holding hands…
    [plaudits for the most imaginative completions of that sentence]

  4. Brigham Young University ?  Always nice to have the Mormons give their advice on smoking and drink. Make mine a double.

  5. Gerry – Studies have shown that holding hands is a major cause of pregnancy.  In a survey of 128 parents, 83% said they had held hands with their partner at some stage in the year prior to birth.

    Morris – The Mormons are like Catholic priests – they know all about these things.

    Kae – WoooHoooo.  I’m going to live forever!!

  6. Studies have shown that holding hands…  stops you from clapping daft research studies?

  7. Studies have shown that holding hands two business partners, who have lost everything in a zombie hotel chain,  will reach the ground below at the same time if they jump desperately off the tenth floor of a tall building.
    In the 16th century Galileo proved the theory with balls dropped from the leaning tower of Pisa anyway, so don’t go jumping off Irish skyscrapers folks.  Studies have shown that suicide results in certain death.

  8. Experience has shown that having a just a few decent loyal friends is better than having a lot of fair weather ones. And I’ve held my own hands from time to time and have never become pregnant. Just so you know.

  9. Studies have shown that holding hands and standing in be the wall till the bus passes is
    much safer than standing in front of a train!

  10. Why are the prices for accomodation at Lisdoonvarna listed as PPS?
    Surely the…
    Oh, right.

  11. Wow!  I was perplexed by this ’til I read Kae’s comment.  I’m going to live a very…very long time!  🙂

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