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  1. So that’s where the fellers who came knocking at my door last month, offering to “Tarmac yer droive Sorr”” (for £350.00) were from eh ? ..
    I had wondered … Glad I told ’em to piss off now, with that standard of workmanship …. 😉 😉

  2. Hee Hee – I like it. The council sneaking up your road to steal the road surface.
    Well, that’s recycling for you.

  3. The potholes are back a vengeance these days. Especially after that winter we had. You’d nearly forgive people for driving jeeps in the city. Nearly.

  4. Blackwatertown – I wouldn’t mind if they were stealing the surface, as that would imply that there is a surface to steal.  No.  I swear our lane is their store for spare potholes which are then moved to major roads, as required.

    Holemaster – One thing I love about the recession – the dramatic drop in the number of Yummy Mummy SUVs in the area.  Haven’t seen one in ages!  🙂

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