America – the Land of the Free — 9 Comments

  1. TT – Don’t know anything about the music.  I didn’t put it there.

    Doug – Feel free.

    Haddock – I saw that [I read all Ranty’s posts].  That should make our American friends very happy?  😉

  2. Yep. The brown noses are real quiet about this one. It’s people with a little knowledge turning it into a “know all about it attitude”  It’s a state by state thing first off. Not national. Some states are stricter than others. Some have the 3 strike policy and some don’t. I think it’s always for felonies, not midemeanours. Usually for violent crimes. But not always. It’s true that “we’ love jailing people though. Folks have the criminals (them) and non criminals (us) attitude. Then they discover it’s a thin line. Fact is sentencing is too heavy here. But in your part of the world it’s too light. By a fucking mile. Kilometre ?

  3. Can we have that system here? Please?
    3 strikes and … BAM … Life!!
    Great stuff, and all down to the malefactor’s own choice!

  4. TT – We have a simpler system here.  We just let ’em kill each other, and good riddence.  🙂

    Stephen – Be careful what you wish for.  It may come true.

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