Sick — 10 Comments

  1. I have found myself laughing about this at different points throughout the day… still makes me smile.  Hope the hangover wasnae to bad!

  2. Its a well established fact Grandad .. that the more pints you have, the greater the chances of falling prey to a “duff” one become … 😉

  3. Its a proven fact, drinking does not cause hangovers. You only get hangovers when you stop drinking.

  4. Justin – I’m glad you find amusement in the misfortune of others.  It nearly makes my suffering worth while.

    TT – Be fair.  I only had an hour.

    Haddock – The thing I fear most is drinking out of damp glasses.  Duff pints are a rarity in the village luckily.

    Gerry – No.  Nor do I intend to.  Sounds disgusting!

    Jim C – Who said anything about hangovers?  I haven’t had one of those buggers in years.  Headaches, yes.  Sick stomach, yes.  Shaking hands, yes.  Hangovers, NEVER!

  5. 12 pints? Why go through all the trouble of lifting those heavy things. I’ve got some homemade Apple Jack here that’s guaranteed to knock you out cold for a day and a half after only a couple of small glasses (consider it a short holiday). But no hangover when you wake up. Oh, excuse me, I obviously meant no headaches, sick stomach and shaking hands when you wake up.

  6. Kirk M – I drink it because it tastes nice and it fills me up [saves me having to have dinner].  Have you got the hang of distilling that Apple Jack yet?   Or does it still tase of anti-freeze?

  7. Grandad – An old Mainer sends me a batch now and then. The process involves apple cores, peelings, ground fruit, a bit of sugar and such all thrown into an oak barrel and fill it with water. The fermentation process will be well started by the time the  winter sets in. The freezing process pushes the ingredients toward the center where it finishes the fermentation process quite nicely. Along about late February, you use a wood bit to drill through the side of the barrel near the bottom to the liquid core in the center and drive in a tap. Then invite your close friends over for an apple jack party–we usually play cards. Take their keys at the door and inform the spouses they won’t be home for awhile. Doesn’t taste too bad considering the stuff would probably take the paint off the walls–and the walls with it for that matter.

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