Welcoming the politicains — 6 Comments

  1. Ah GD, you might be disappointed, don’t you know they’re already a heartless bunch of zombies! Just don’t let them bite ya!

  2. Sounds like a great bit of legislation Grandad ..
    Wish the politicos over here had the balls to produce the same …
    Meanwhile, we’ll just have to rely on the old .. “He tripped over his own feet and head-butted my cricket bat” defence ..   😉

  3. Here my cop friends tell me that if I shoot anyone on my property I must be sure and drag them inside the house before I call the cops. No problem then.

  4. “The Bill has been published in the wake of a six-year debate on the rights of homeowners to defend themselves, their family and their property”
    It took them six fookin’ years to decide that you can protect your family and home from some piece of shit that wants to deprive you of the life you have made for yourself?
    Which world do these people live in?
    I’d happily swing on the gallows for ripping to pieces any scum that tried to invade my property, my wife or my children.
    But I guess I’ll have to wait till our ‘government’ decides to pass a fucking law that allows me to protect me and mine, oh, and the wife and kids, (just in case any hairy arsed feminist might take umbrage at me calling the wife ‘mine.’)

    BTW she is, silly woman loves me, after all these years, go figure.

  5. Mick – Diced zombie?  How could I be disappointed?  😈

    Haddock – It is an exceptionally rare day when our mob does something sensible.  What’s even better is that they are really just amending an old law and removing any protection from the criminal.

    TT – We don’t even have to bother with that now.  The law applies to the whole property, not just the house.  I’m going to practice on the postman tomorrow.

    BigYin – Up to now, the criminal had virtually all the rights.  If my house were broken into, I had to retreat and leave him to it.  If I attacked him [or her] in any way, I was liable for prosecution.  The law was brought in because a farmer was being plagued by knackers who kept breaking into his farm.  In the end, he lost it, beat the shit out of one of them and then shot him.  There was uproar here [in favour of the farmer] so the law has been changed.  About fucking time.

  6. Yeah, something similar happened here when the farmer shot the ‘traveller’ sould I say in the back as he ran off…the farmer was sent to jail and the press were on the side of the bastard that was shot.
    Look at the Raul Moat incident, he’s a fucking hero to some because he killed one and maimed others…
    Don’t reason with these people, shoot the fuckers stone dead!

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