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  1. Its even funnier in Londing, Groandad… you get the lazy sods getting on a bus and then getting off at the very next stop … usually fat bastards as well.
    There does seem to be a bit of a silent fatwa on walking and I did notice that last time I was at home there’s no question of anyone walking anywhere. The fambly live up on a height near the coast and its a lovely walk down to the sea of no more than two or three miles with a handy little pub at about half-time down the hill.
    On Mystery Island where I sometimes go to sit in a big leather armchair, stroke a pussy and plot world domination there is amazed silence when they hear I’ll be walking back to the digs down the unlit boreen road … few cars on the island if any … people have these quad bikes and the island is only 4 miles by 2 across.
    I think people have taken against the stars and the moon for some reason….

  2. The good news on the east wind for Ireland is that here in the UK Corral there is a visible explosion in bicycle usage. Young people can’t afford motorbikes and cars and less parents can afford to indulge them by driving them around so they are actually getting on their bikes…

    There is a noticeable increase in proper cycle lanes in London too and amount of people swooping down through Hyde Park and into Victoria is increasing by the week … I think we’ll have reached a tipping point on this in London soon and more and more streets will be offlimits to cars. Great stuff and of course there’ll be less and less podgy teens hanging about … cycling is why Dutch girlies are as trim as butchers pencils …

  3. “Sitting in a leather armchair stroking pussy” ? How do I get a job like that? Forget about pay, I’ll do it for free.

  4. Con – [stopt trying to claim you are The Cap’n] I have to agree with Paulo1 – that sounds like a very nice job?  People who don’t walk don’t know what they are missing, especially in the countryside.  They miss that magnificent aroma from the pig farm, and the lovely feeling of planting one’s foot in a cowpat.  Daft buggers.

    Fucking hate bicycles.  They are a fecking nuisance.  And don’t get me started on those fucking ‘cycle lanes’!   Walking is better.  Unless you’re Dutch, of course.

  5. I think the real problem with buses isn’t the people who use them but the ones who don’t use them and go everywhere in their gas-guzzlers. For a lot of people buses still have a lingering image of grubbiness, unreliability and weirdo passengers. They may not be grubby and weirdo-ridden but unreliable they still are, following ye olde custom of coming in twos to avoid feeling lonely, with a long gap inbetween.

  6. Nick – I’m not complaining about the passengers.  I’m all for people using buses.  What pisses me off is the number of times the damned things have to stop [usually when I’m in a hurry and stuck behind them].  The buses here are very reliable.  You can always rely on then not to turn up on time.

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