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  1. Sorry about Feb 2010, Grandad. I was on holiday that month. I did ask the housesitter to stand in for me, but she heard wrong and visited 20,000 times a day instead.

  2. @Grandad – you should probably not give the guy the time – now he’ll send you twice as many annoying emails.
    Are “hits” really all that important? After all, a page with 5 images and a stylesheet would count as 6 hits? I’d say unique visitors is more important…
    @Ciaran – lol!

  3. This fella is brilliant.

    Keep it going.

    It’s great. Instead of reading one mad mans posts, we’re getting two!

    Ah, and don’t worry about being remembered in a hundred years. They all say the world is going to end in 2012 anyway. I’m surprised he hasn’t sensed that ” a great change is looming in the force”.

  4. Ciaran – No problem.  I wondered why Shedrankles was getting so much traffic.

    Kae – Of course I want to encourage him.  His mails always give me a laugh [just before they go in the bin].  I know about hits, but he doesn’t.  I also know the difference between file-loads and page-loads, but he doesn’t.

    Darragh – His is a different madness from mine.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I am 1, and he is around 15.

  5. A cabal!
    Can’t tell you how proud I am of you, son. I always knew you’d amount to a hill of beans, regardless what your ol’ ma might have said.
    Look forward to the day when your name is proudly published with others of your ilk

  6. You got an email Gramps? WTF am I doing wrong?
    The man’s seriously deranged!
    Anyway, this post put a smile on my face for the first time today, especially after reading that the new coalition here put the smoking ban and the death penalty in the same sentence…cnuts!

  7. Doc – What more could a man want than to make his dad proud?  I’m not quite sure I want to be on that list though….  😐

    Doug – In fairness, I couldn’t have done it without him.

    TT – It’s complicated.  Don’t worry about it.  Leave it to the experts.

    BigYin – I’ll write to you if you want, but I won’t be up to my friend’s standards?  I saw that video of your spanking new Deputy Dawg.  So much for listening to the people?!

  8. Was February cancelled this year? It should be. It’s a crap month.
    I was visited in the dead of night by that gobshite. I think every single blog in Ireland has. Wouldn’t be hard to find out exactly who he is. That’d be fun.

  9. Holemaster – As  you say, it should be easy.  He is with Eircom and lives in Cork.  IP provided on request!

  10. I heard about the world ending in 2012 too – from my son. He said it came up at school. He couldn’t quite remember why or how the world is due to end then. Didn’t seem terribly bothered by it either. The doorbell probably rang and we got distracted. I must get round to contacting Bruce Willis and asking him to avert the impending catastrophe. Oh, wait, there’s the bell…

  11. Why would a loser in Cork imitate a loser in America?  That’s as complicated as the Father Ted episode where a priest pretends to be a priest.

  12. Yet another mad bastard by the name of Wayne – Kerr – you’re a master at the put down grandad – like it … very entertaining

  13. Blackwatertown – I had heard that the world is to end in 2012 as well.  Something to do with the end of the Mayan Calander???  The calander in my kitchen ends on December 31st.  Does that mean the world is goine to end then?

    TT – I am merely pointing out to him the error of his ways,  No scorn  No fury.  Just a helping hand.

    Ian – ‘Tis one of the great mysteries of the insane mind.

    Cardi – There are quite a few Wain Kerrs around all right.  Not to mention a few Master Bates.

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