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  1. serious topic, but point well made…totally agree…
    i thought they were coming back from oxegen, but that’s neither here nor there..

  2. Oxegen?  World Cup?  Same difference.  Both are occasions for high spirits.  Now, if they had being going home from a funeral?

  3. ‘Error: Your comment is too short. Please try to say something useful.’

    Fuck off you smartarsed  twat. How’s that for you? Whoever the fuck you are. (Forgotten what I said now !)

  4. Robert – Their answer to everything.  I doubt it would have done any good.

    TT – May I apologise on behalf of my ‘useless comment’ software?

  5. The biggest contributory factor was probably the weight of the car. I can feel the difference in handling of my own (admittedly small) car with just two passengers, while 7 average men would add up to about half a tonne. This would affect the car not just in terms of stopping distance, but also causing it to drift substantially on even a modest bend that normally would be fine for that driver, in that car, and at that speed.

    In this case I’d probably expect the main cause is inexperience on the driver’s part, not expecting just how poorly an overladen car handles. Personally I think all drivers (of all ages) should, as a requirement to getting a license, be required to take a course on a skid pan in their own car. Firstly it gives people that direct, personal, gut-wrenching experience (which no advert can convey) of how easy it can be to lose control of the car they’re in every day, and secondly they could learn from an expert how to react in an emergency. Theory’s all well and good, but only real-life training can help you to properly suppress instinctive reactions that might cause you to swerve badly or lock up the brakes.

  6. I can personally testify that Gay Byrne is an arrogant bad mannered prick who likes to think people are there to serve his every whim. 

  7. Andrew – I think you have hit the nail fair and square on the head.  The passengers would have effectively doubled the weight of a car, and it would handle completely differently.  An experienced driver would have adjusted his speed accordingly.  I know I would have been very cautious under those circumstances.

    Holemaster – Heh!  You know him personally too?

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