Where I have been going wrong — 22 Comments

  1. Grandad,
    I completely agree!
    Your a big complainer.

    Oh. and, may the  force be with you.

    Did he really say “may the  force be with you”? 

    Sorry.  I’ve regained my exposure now.

    ha! some people crack me up.

  2. Darragh – Yup.  That’s how he signed it.  He’s a Jedi [of the highest order].

    Johnie – Succinct.  And no chance of spelling errors?

  3. Wah ha ha. Is that real? Eamon Ryan really is a twat sometimes.
    Well you could start by telling him that it’s disrespectful to the reader not to bother spelling and punctuating properly. And remind him that capital letters tend to follow full stops.

  4. Am i getting this right – He’s writing to complain about you complaining?

  5. That mail cut me to the quick.  So much so that I have just been down to the village.  I called into the Gardai and informed them that I shall be driving down for about ten pints tonight, and will be driving home again at around one in the morning.  They have promised to intercept me and arrest me, so that I can thank them for saving my life.


    I can change.

    The force is with me [or they will be at one tomorrow morning?]

  6. Ahh .. so Gordon Brown has been released from the straight-jacket & is now permitted to access the internet eh ??
    Maybe they also allow him out of the rubber room & to stroll in the Asylum garden too ? …

  7. Grandad, I know the man. He used to comment on my blog in the same manner from time to time, got some emails to. Outstanding.

  8. TT – If Darragh wants to expose himself, he is more than welcome to do so.  It’s a free world.

    DD – It my have been typed in green but it arrived in black.  Maybe the Force got to it?

    Mick – Oh sweet holy…..   And they claim they are nothing to do with Star Wars?  Someone should tell my friend.

    Jedrzej – He used to comment on quite a few.  I think he used to sneak onto the computer when Mammy wasn’t looking.

    Caring Reader – You came visiting at 00:27:40 today but you never acknowledged my pledge of remorse.  I’m hurt.  Wanker.

  9. When your intimate communicator ends with the rubric: may the force be with you, does he refer to a) the Garda force that should be curtailing your anti-establishmentarianism, or b) the Free World forces of the USA that keep us all safe in our beds at night, or c) the force of juvenile subliterate textmessage English in which your communicator seems to wallow?

    If I were a priest in the confessional and your communicator offloaded to me the quoted off-his-chest utterance I would bless him in a Fatherly and sad tone of voice and declare: …and for your penance read three English grammars.

  10. That is devilishly clever. Can you imagine the reaction of a Gard if you got out and shook him or her by the hand after being stopped. It would totally freak them out. Twisted and cunning.

  11. You can see the atraction of the dark side.  Plus, you get to use the death star to blow up planets.

  12. There is a story circulating a midlands town of a farmer who drives his tractor into town each Saturday evening, with his dog sat on the back.
    The tractor did not comply with various pieces of legislation and a member of An Garda Siochana remonstrated with the farmer in front of onlookers.
    “Where’s your driving licence?”
    “I haven’t it with me”.
    “Have you a licence for the dog?”
    “Sure, the dog wasn’t driving”.
    Such courtesy failed completely with the Garda concerned but has inspired much retelling of the encounter.

  13. Ah the farmer … there was a case some years back in Cork where a farmer had reversed his tractor out of the gate right on to a blind bend and a poor American tourist slammed into him in th’hire car.
    Court case came up and the farmer’s indignant defence was … (drumroll) … ‘Sure everyone knows I’m coming out of there that time in the mornings’.
    Its not urban legend either. The newspaper clipping was sent from home.

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