Taking care of their own — 12 Comments

  1. TT – I’m against it purely on the grounds that there are too many miscarriages of justice.  There is a world of difference though.  Institutionalised killing by the state is not the same thing as a couple of low-life killing each other?

  2. Never said it was. I will ask The Ringo Kid tonight. You know he just turned 70. Makes you and I look like spring chickens!

  3. Grandad ..
    For the benefit of those of us unable to get RTE ..
    Could you please post a photo of  “Sharon” ??
    Ta muchly, in advance … 😉

  4. Poor Sharon, she is just another simpering dumb blonde. Grandad has grown less discerning over the years so don’t hold yer breath Captain!

  5. Wish my promotion to Major would come through. Far too many Irish Captains knocking about and it will surely result in pregnancies.
    Maybe goosing Her Excellency wasn’t such a good idea after all. Bah.

  6. Granny – *sigh*  I told you before that jealousy does not become you.  You know it’s only a platonic relationship, and that the sex is merely a secondary [but frequent] issue.

    Con – Goosing Excellencies is nearly always a bad idea.  Goosing Majesties bight be a better bet?

  7. Grandad .. I “Googled” Sharon …
    She’s OK, I suppose .. I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for passing wind (well, not the first time anyway) … 🙂

  8. Haddock – How dare you!  Stop Googling Sharon and keep your dirty hands off her.  She’s mine.  D’you hear?  Mine.

    OK, you say?  All I can say is that either you got the wrong Sharon, or you caught her on a very rare bad day.

  9. Grandad …. I’m assuming we’re talking about Sharon Ni Bheolain ?
    If so, fear not .. it won’t come to fisticuffs .. She’s all yours …
    Now, Sharon Corr is a different matter altogether … 😉 😉

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