The quest for a soccer free pub — 9 Comments

  1. Well, I could suggest that you come and hang out at the Canuckastan Embassy. Soccer is not allowed and I am very sure there will only be three or four pubs that will have those games on.
    There is a caveat tho: NO SHOOTING THE AMERICAN TOURISTS!
    I need them for an experiment using gasoline and electricity and Llama poop. And if you go around half-cocked shooting them all, I won’t have any test subjects.

  2. Robert – I had been thinking along the lines of guest posts in my absence.  Wanna volunteer?  Heh!

    Cranky – That is a very nice offer.  I suppose I could live with a lack of sport, though your experimentation sounds interesting.  Maybe I could learn some new tricks?

  3. I know exactly what I am missing – a load of grossly overpaid neurotic pansies running around a field.  If that is the meaning of life, then we are all doomed.

  4. Funny thing about being the kid who was always last to be picked. Stays with you throughout your life.

  5. TT – I was never that kid, as I never wanted to play.  You must be speaking from personal experience?  Have you seeked counselling at all?

  6. Thought that’s what I was doing here Old Thing. Hee! Although your total and lifelong aversion to sports is a little troublesome. How can I put this delicately? Were you more into the Arts?

  7. In 2002, I watched the world cup in a small local bar in Ibiza with two old farmers. I spoke no Spanish and they spoke no English but we had great craic all the same. 

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