The quest for a soccer free pub — 9 Comments

  1. Well, I could suggest that you come and hang out at the Canuckastan Embassy. Soccer is not allowed and I am very sure there will only be three or four pubs that will have those games on.
    There is a caveat tho: NO SHOOTING THE AMERICAN TOURISTS!
    I need them for an experiment using gasoline and electricity and Llama poop. And if you go around half-cocked shooting them all, I won’t have any test subjects.

  2. Robert – I had been thinking along the lines of guest posts in my absence.  Wanna volunteer?  Heh!

    Cranky – That is a very nice offer.  I suppose I could live with a lack of sport, though your experimentation sounds interesting.  Maybe I could learn some new tricks?

  3. I know exactly what I am missing – a load of grossly overpaid neurotic pansies running around a field.  If that is the meaning of life, then we are all doomed.

  4. TT – I was never that kid, as I never wanted to play.  You must be speaking from personal experience?  Have you seeked counselling at all?

  5. Thought that’s what I was doing here Old Thing. Hee! Although your total and lifelong aversion to sports is a little troublesome. How can I put this delicately? Were you more into the Arts?

  6. In 2002, I watched the world cup in a small local bar in Ibiza with two old farmers. I spoke no Spanish and they spoke no English but we had great craic all the same. 

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