Gas and electricity do not mix — 8 Comments

  1. How could you be so cruel! You don’t know if those men have had their vaccinations. Those dogs could have been exposed to any number hideous diseases. I hope for the dogs sake, and yours, that they are OK.

  2. Our Sandy has sampled cuisine from around the world, and I’m sure she has a natural immunity by now.  A couple of local blokes aren’t going to bother her.  I’m not too worried about Woodja!

  3. And here I was all ready with with a great story about farting while working on a live electrical outlet but alas, it was all in vain. That’s what I get for judging a post by it’s title.

  4. Would I stoop so low?  Never mind – console yourself with the picture of Lucy.

  5. Trouble is Groandad they’ll have put you down as a ‘yes’ on their forms.

    The other thing is creeps like that usually target older people and have been known to claim they are from ‘the electricity company’ to trick their way in to do a meter reading. Poor old divil signs a form and then its a hellish thing to try to unwind.

    I nearly caught one of those salesmen once. Very nearly.

  6. Con – They never got a chance.  I still have their little computer too – fucking useless thing didn’t even have any games on it.

  7. I thought those asswipes had been reigned in! Feckers tried those tactics here in Limerick. After many complaints (and stuff akin to your own experience), the asswipes disappeared.

  8. It’s very unlikely they’ll call here again.  Just in case though, I was thinking of switching to Airtricity and then electrifying the gate?

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