Installing a shower — 8 Comments

  1. You blame the fucking Americans?  Well, there’s a first. Goddam (unwashed)bogtrotter.

  2. TheBigYin – Ah Jayzus!  You spoil her.  A fucking jacuzzi?

    TT – Why not?  Yiz are usually behind anything daft.

  3. I read somewhere once, that England’s Queen Elizabeth I took 4 (!) baths a year. She must have been yummy to cosy up to.
     But America wasn’t even colonized then, so in all fairness, it wasn’t their fault that time.

  4. So she’s going to be covered in ash then? (albeit volcanic) – now there’s an irony!

  5. Geri – You have just proved my point.  A bath four times a year [or less] was grand until America appeared on the map.

    Mick – I doubt I’ll notice the difference.

  6. Of course it’s our fault… again!!
    What isn’t these days.  I guess it was George W. Bush that screwed it all up huh?
    You see there is a reason we always park up wind of you Grandad… If that’s your real name!

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