A conversation with Slumdog — 7 Comments

  1. TT – I sort of gathered that.  Either it was a scam, or Microsoft are going to spend a lot of time and money phoning every single user of Windows!!

  2. Not Twitter – I haven’t the faintest idea.  Maybe they were phoning people at random?  I was going to ask, but I doubt if Slumdog’s slim grasp of the language could have coped.

  3. I done a wee google on 19476632176 You are not the only one, a lot of people are pissed off with your friend.
    Oh, god.. I am so lonely, I never get these calls, and even the gypsies don’t come near my house anymore, but maybe that is because of the “Frog Ward” effigy hanging from the drain pipe.

  4. Oh – thank goodness for the telephone preference service!! Its very quiet but at least I don’t get that sort of call!!!

  5. It is fraud. I got a call from some lady that called from this number. She got the wife which I was a bit heart shaken by at first because of the ploy. Seems she wanted the wife to hit run to go in to the windows event viewer. My guess is that would lead me by the switch to turn on remote desktop, and add a new user. Anywho I did pay the 300.00 for my copy of windows upgrade, and I have had the fun of installing a bad file before that violated the user licence. What happens is windows says at that point you have three days to call Microsoft to re activate. Well I got lucky my wife has got a brain, and knew that if Microsoft had a issue they would have just done it again. She told her “You are calling every Microsoft customer? They have sold to 70% of the market.”, “Wow you must be busy”. The lady became demanding and wanted to know where we lived. The wife responded “You should know”. The lady insisted that windows would not work if she did not do as directed. The wife again *Thank you god* responded “Thats a bitch, but the husband has fixed it when it caught fire; I doubt that he can not fix it after he gets home” Seems the lady hung up. Calls back to the number say it is not in service. Seems these people are using a spoof to make calls out threw some  internet voice over system. I question how they got the information they obtained. It could be that they are scanning ISP telephone directories by being part of the subnet. (Charter here).  It is sad though that I did not get to answer the phone. Would have been nice to three way the phone call to the FBI. (Speed dial #8 on my phone) (Really peeps it is rarely needed, but when it is it SO pay’s off). Some internet blogs have said they are being investigated for being a charity for a terrorist organization. In either event at the point of demanding my address it is flash speed dial 8 flash. Really it lowers return callers by 99.998%. I am not sure if the  FCC or FTC would be the ones that deal with this. It may be that the FBI really has a case on it. Either way seems I will be calling them all tomorrow morning with my cup of Joe to return the favor of making me change my number.

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