Amazing new revelations about smoke — 9 Comments

  1. Jaysus, Gramps, don’t start blaming us for this poppycock. It was presented at a conference in Vancouver, but only an American university researcher could come up with such shite. You know you can get degrees in jam-making there, right?

  2. I just tested it out. I blew smoke into a wall outside. It didn’t pass through.

  3. Could there be an unseen Fifth Force from another galaxy among the Canadians? Perhaps their invisible green body structures radiate gamma rays or sumpin that kinda scientifically enable cigarette smoke to penetrate brick walls. Experienced sci-fi readers could enlighten us about the title of any novel or short story by Ray Bradbury et al in which a similar phenomenon happened.
    Or is it some esoteric research being secretly funded by a front for the military, the Bilderberg consortium or the Trilateral Commission? Conspiracy theorists might enlighten us here.
    Of course if they tried bombarding the brick walls with plug tobacco smoked by a discerning elderly bloke it would be just one big smelly pipe dream.

  4. Tessa – and Mascara Application Technology?

    TT – Maybe all the smoke ended up inside a house the other side of town?

    Gabby – I think we are talking about a science here that is more advanced even than the most advanced of alien technologies.  Unless of course it is a simple matter of teleportation?  Yes.  Maybe that’s it?  Cigarette smoke is teleporting from one house to another.  Why didn’t I think of that?  Shit!  I just did.

  5. Guys come on… have you seen how they build houses here in Canada? (and in USA for that matter)
    I remember as a kid back in Europe I used to watch disasters movies or documentaries and wonder how powerful those hurricanes must be to completely destroy whole houses. Then I moved to USA and I found out that maybe it wasn’t the strong winds, it was the crappy construction techniques.
    That said, this paper really scares me for the number of alternative hypothesis not tested: how to account for smoking habits in the sample’s kids? How to account for the possibility of kids just visiting their neighbors? How to account for getting second-hand smoke elsewhere? I hope these things have been taken into account in the article, but I haven’t read it.

  6. Yes, but smoking is so evil it travels through anything and everything will eventually kill everyone.
    You forgot to mention that….!!

  7. Hey, I looked up that word Teleportation and found this article that proves the word and the idea exist. I knew that tele is the Greek word for ‘distance’ and my mates at primary school told me that the three quickest means of human communication (before the invention of email) were Telephone, Telegram and Tell-a-woman.
    Here is the article. It is illustrated with two scientific looking diagrams which give it prima facie authority:
    I am going to google the possibility of a word which means ‘transporting smoke through solids’. I already have ‘tele’ and ‘portus’ as Greek and Latin roots, so all I have to do now is get the Latin or Greek words for Smoke and Solids. I have a vague memory from schooldays that ‘solidus’ may be the root word for solids.

  8. Have decided to laugh… ha ha.  But there again just opened the window and started weeping from the smoke from a bonfire down the street. Has her scientific eminence considered bonfires, I wonder?
    Wait a minute… we’re not allowed to have bonfires over here in the Neths. Must be a barbecue – or Icelandic volcanic ash….
    They have volcanoes in Hawaii and California don’t they? And bonfires and barbecues..

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