Tree fellers — 9 Comments

  1. Piss off!  Not one tree was killed in the writing of this post.  Not in my garden, anyway.

  2. This is my first posting, my wife (Becky) normally posts but this post made laugh. I work as an estate warden for the National Trust and work with a motley crew of battle scarred foresters. We see enough blood from lost digits and other limbs to open a blood bank. Love the blog by the way, Herself introduced me.

  3. Ian – She went off with her coven first thing this morning [I think].  Come to think of it, she should have been home hours ago.  Do you think I should check the pile of wood chippings?

    Welcome Richard!  [No relation to that Other Fella?  Nah!]  I think another reason my lot won was because they came dressed like a cross between New York firemen and Roman centurians.  Weird outfits!  Incidentally, your Herself has a strange taste in reading, but thanks for the kind words.  😉

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