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  1. This is my first posting, my wife (Becky) normally posts but this post made laugh. I work as an estate warden for the National Trust and work with a motley crew of battle scarred foresters. We see enough blood from lost digits and other limbs to open a blood bank. Love the blog by the way, Herself introduced me.

  2. Ian – She went off with her coven first thing this morning [I think].  Come to think of it, she should have been home hours ago.  Do you think I should check the pile of wood chippings?

    Welcome Richard!  [No relation to that Other Fella?  Nah!]  I think another reason my lot won was because they came dressed like a cross between New York firemen and Roman centurians.  Weird outfits!  Incidentally, your Herself has a strange taste in reading, but thanks for the kind words.  😉

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