Just follow the condoms — 9 Comments

  1. Hahahahaha!!! 
    Are you sure the kids would notice the difference grandad? You can get condoms in all sorts of pretty colours and sizes these days. The only noticable difference between them and balloons, are the flavours! (So I’m told..)

  2. What! No flavours? Some party at your place Grandad. (I know nothing about flavoured condoms by the way, honest, I just read about them somewhere is all…)

  3. Postcodes won’t happen – An Post are dragging their heels over it, because there’s nothing in it for them, and when competition comes in in a few years time, it’ll be of benefit to the new companies. And nobody drags heel like a state company.

  4. TheBigYin – What difference does it make whether they are flavoured or not?  I want people to follow ’em, not suck ’em.

  5. Welcome Grass Root!  I sincerely hope you are right.  I suppose they are inevitable, as no government will be happy until everyone is reduced to a number, but in the meantime, I like the existing confusion just the way it is!

  6. Postcodes are for a bygone age. Every postal address in Ireland is unique. If An Post and OSI gave free access to their geo-tagged directory (and kept it up to date) we wouldn’t need postal codes.
    You could drop a small thermo-nuclear device on any house in Ireland GD once you had their address.
    What’s incredible is An Post even charges government departments €70k p.a. to use Geodirectory!
    Talk about false economy. Ireland has already spent millions looking into postcodes when they are about to come redundant.

  7. I suspect that buried in the undergrowth of this idea is a private company getting a contract to rip the taxpayer.

    On the other hand it may turn out to be as successful a project as the E-Voting machines.

    When I worked for a large multinational I was badgered a number of times to enter the postcode for my family contacts in case of accident or emergency. They couldn’t get their heads around the fact that there were no postcodes outside Dublin. After the fifth demand for the postcode I lots the plot a bit and told them that we didn’t need postcodes outside Dublin as postal delivery people knew their area and Ireland wasn’t overcrowded like most European countries.

    There was a sudden silence after that.

  8. Neighbour – You are quite safe.  I wouldn’t dream of targetting a thermo-nuclear device at your gaff.  Unless of course it was extremely low yield?

    Con – I wouldn’t really call the Dublin districts ‘post codes’.  A post code is supposed to narrow down a location to a specific area whereas the Dublin codes cover areas many miles across.  I do wish websites would stop fucking asking for them though.  It pisses me off, especially when it is mandatory.

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