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  1. Homework. Putting off the dreaded weekend homework until Sunday night and then struggling with it until the early hours. Ruined Sundays for me for life.

  2. Jesus Grandad as a species aren’t we hard to satisfy. To misquote the Good Book … Look at the lilies in the field and the birds in the air – they don’t give a fuck and still they survive.
    Maybe there’s something in that!!!!

  3. Like tt sundays were homework days for me – horrible!
    Then I finished school and happy days. Now I’m a teacher and Sunday is a day for marking homework. Not much better than doing it in the first place…

  4. Sundays are OK.  Baseball games during the spring,summer and early fall, Football games during late fall and winter and NASCAR Racing almost all year long.  Sundays are the best day to just hang around and catch up on my favorite sports or even watch a good movie.  Naps!  Sunday afternoons are just made for taking a nap.  I mean serious napping here.  Not that 20 minute power nap stuff!  I’m talking about a minimum of an hour here.

  5. TT – Jayzus, but I forgot about homework.  There again, I always forgot about it on Sundays too, so that meant doing a full weekend’s homework in ten minutes on Monday morning.

    King’s Bard – I’m quite satisfied?  I’m looking forward to Monday, when all the city gobshites will be at work, leaving the countryside peaceful once more.

    Croeso Weirdo!!  Have a heart and don’t give homework for the weekend.  OK?  They can memorise the entire works of Shakespeare on Monday night instead.

    Brianf – If all you can associate Sunday with is sport, then that’s a poor outlook.  Fucking hate sport.  Naps, yes; sport no.

  6. Today is Mothering Sunday here in the U.S.  I believe Fathers’  Day is the same day both sides of the Western Ocean so why Mothers’ Day should be on different days I have no idea.

  7. Sunday was Mothers Day here downunder also. Never seen so many mothers sitting around having picnics. Couple of years ago the shops invented Fathers day so now we have something traditional to look forward to…  staying in bed seems an option all of a sudden.
    Sunday was always the best day in the week for me  – when looked at from a Saturday. It meant I had another day to go before the whole thing started all over again.
    Reached the stage now where they’re all the same. Comes with working for yourself, I suppose…

  8. Skip the Sunday Times for a start. If that’s too difficult – then wait till people chuck their old copies out and read them the following weekend. Won’t make any difference to your enjoyment, will save some trees and you the price of it.

  9. King’s Bard has a point. After all (as far as we know..?) animals and birds don’t give the days of the week names, so life is just  one long  series of; sun-up, sun-down, sun-up, sun-down, sunup, sundown, snup, sdown, sup, sdn, sp, sn..ssssssss.
    Works for me.

  10. All days are the same here too.  But somehow Sunday seems to have a wee smell about it that I can’t quite describe.  I don’t know if the birds are aware of it, but they seemed to be a bit more agressive yesterday!  I can’t skip the Sunday Times – it keeps herself occupied for ages, so it’s worth the trouble for the peace and quiet I get.

    I had a phone call from America yesterday – my brother in law phoned to wish me a happy Mother’s Day.  I always said I married into a very strange family.

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