Minorities — 6 Comments

  1. It’s time for a revolution. Where’s the Irish fighting spirit ? Get rid of the gombeen men who are ruining the country. Let’s persecute the minorities who are ruining our social lives. Why don’t we organise a smoke-in and defy them ? They can’t jail us all if we refuse to pay the fines.

  2. Perfidious – Our fighting spirit has been knocked out of us by decades of crap government.  We badly need a revolution here, and a whole new order.  I’m a bit old to start one myself, but if anyone else wants to start the ball rolling, I will be right there.

  3. Grandad, you are of the perfect age to start a revolution.  First off, you’re right Ireland and the US both need a revolution to rid us of the nanny states we live in.  But again you’re the perfect age.  you can get the ball rolling and get the people out of their comfy cocoon like homes and in the streets to rally for LIBERTY FOR ALL (not just the FF’ers).  Then when you’re about 70 they will elect you President or Prime Hellraiser or some such post and you’ll be loved by all freedon loving folks around the world.  Then you’ll die and be a martyr to the cause.  There will be T-shirts sold to future generations with your likeness on them and it’ll be a fashion statement because none of the little fuckers wearing them will have had a good enough education in history and they’ll all just think wearing a Grandad T-shirt is cool.

  4. Brianf – Maybe you’re right.  Any chance you could send us over a few surplus tanks?  About 500 should do the job?  And while you are at it, we could do with a couple of container loads of assault rifles [I’ll leave the make up to your excellent judgement].  Not sure I fancy turning into Che Guivara, but then we all must make sacrifices.

  5. I think BF’s idea of t-shirts is a good idea.  Why don’t you get some made and sell them. Promote your website.?  Competition amongst your readers for what to put on them.   The three of us should be able to come up with something really nasty.

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