Dawn chorus — 7 Comments

  1. A beautiful morning here also. another 86F today. Blue jays, catbirds, woodpeckers,mocking birds,thrashers,etc all giving it the works out there.Ah well, I wonder what’s on TV.

  2. I was woken up this morning at 5.30 by a blackbird singing his little heart out. The shotgun sorted the little fucker out.

  3. Neighbour has two roaming peacocks (fox had the hen last year). The pair of em come into our garden every day and start showing their feathers to the green watering can – they’re very bemused by why it isn’t interested!
    Squawk like there’s no tomorrow as well the feckers, but damn they’re exotic!

  4. Isn’t it wonderful how you re all appreciating nature, just becuse my little brain fart this morning?¬† You all really ought to be very grateful.

  5. There you have page one of the novel, get on with it now…
    (I said novel not some hodgepodge, ‘best of posts’ collections)

  6. Hugely appreciating your brain fart GD. – ¬†and mick’s comment about peacocks. It reminded me of a¬†desperate tortoise I once¬†saw in the early morn’, ¬†trying to make love to a deflated football. The tortoise I mean, not me.
    Oh god, I’m going back to my own nap….

  7. SAm РHodepodge?  How very dare you!  As for the opening chapter of a novel, where would I go from there? Apart from back to bed, of course.

    Geri – I’m glad someone did.¬† I think I’ll leave an old hairbrush out in the garden – see if I can attract some hedgehogs.

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