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  1. Newsflash! a vaccine created for prostate cancer which will cost $ 93k but which is not a cure but will extend life for four months, how special .. think I’d take the $93k to Vegas and have one hell of a last blast 😉

  2. Seamus,
    So we can assume Al Megrahi (he of Lockerbie bombing fame) has had 4 of these vaccinations then?
    I just got back from Libya where I watched him play a full 90 minutes for Tripoli United. He scored twice.
    There’s some good news for ya Grandad! Prisoner with 3 months to live beats the odds and is released only to be cavorting like a young horse minutes after arriving in his homeland.
    Praise Allah!

  3. Robert – I’m delighted for you, but is that supposed to cheer me up?

    Seamus – Thanks, but that isn’t quite on the lines of news that would chher me up.  I suppose it would if I were a pharmaceutical company?

    Con – Let’s both call around to Robert’s house and beat him up?  We could afford a couple of pints after?

  4. Actually I’m sad to hear about Gerry.  I knew him quite well in my working days.  He could be a bit of an arsehole at times, but off-air I found him to be a very nice bloke [compared to some!]

    Quiet Reader – Another disgruntled voter?  Another bigot?

  5. ‘Wii squash’ meant something entirely different in my day. Getting a perfect score at the old version would have made Tessa very very popular.

  6. Wife asks her husband for one of those “rape alarms.” He says ok. Next morning at 7 he grabs her by the throat, flips her on her back, fucks her up the arse and screams……. “TIME TO GET UP BITCH.”

  7. Gramps, I’m so glad I could bring a little happiness into your day.
    Cap’n Con, you know, that explains so much.
    tt, not even remotely funny.

  8. Something world shattering did happen last night GD. The planet got sucked down a black hole  and we are all now strung out like spaghetti. We just haven’t noticed it yet. All too busy walking around with our heads stuck up our… black holes.

  9. Some news to cheer you up, you say.
    My little lad informed his class we were getting a new pet – a hedgehog.
    Teacher asked, what, a hedgehog?
    Yes,  says he, Mum said so this morning. I heard her tell dad that if he tidied up the garage and did the hoovering she’d give him a hedgehog that night.
    Ah, come on. It’s an oldie but a goldie.
    I could have told you something truthful…

  10. What is your gripe against the EU?  Really?  Personally, I’d hate to think what the country would be like without it.

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