Time to kill the EU — 14 Comments

  1. Would the cost of a divorce (and associated messiness) from the EU help our current situation? I’m not so sure.  For good / bad, I doubt if we can back out.

  2. Could we really be much worse off?  I know it’s wishful thinking, but maybe the EU will just self-implode under the weight of its own red tape?

  3. We are from the government and we are here to “help you”.
    The most feared words in the English language and I assume most other languages too.

  4. “It is for your own good”

    “It is for the sake of the children”


  5. Saying farewell to the Sommes and Auscwitzes of European history has got to be a plus. Millions butchered every thirty years or so.  No longer will America have to come over there and sort out Europe’s  endless feuding and bickering. Leaves us free to interfere elsewhere in the World.

  6. Quiet Reader – That is depressing.  There are times when I am glad I’m in my sixties, and not in my teens.

    TT – If Europe ever gets it’s act together to form a United States of Europe [which is the ultimate goal] then be very, very afraid…….

  7. Yes Grandad, I know exactly what you mean.

    But, we can’t give up hope, as there is a strong and growing, Anti – New World Order faction out there!

  8. The only reason, in far too many cases, that things are done properly at all in this country is because the EU has twisted our arm to make it so. Can you imagine the damage Fianna Fail would do unhindered? (Although I agree, those farm subsidies were just a mess.)

    I also don’t think we can blame the Euro’s central interest rate entirely for the mess we’re in either. There was plenty the government could have done, such as cutting tax breaks for developers, employing a financial regulator with a clue, enforcing income-to-mortgage ratios, and outlawing 100% 40-year mortgages. But saying people should save for a few years for a deposit is like saying they’re not worth it; such depressing naysayers should go kill themselves, isn’t that right Bertie?

    Our biggest problem isn’t the EU, it’s FF and those that vote for them. By a factor of at least 20.

  9. there is no easy route out, we put the final nail in the coffin with our signature on the Lisbon (you signed your identify away) Treaty.

    While we are at it heres another big change for you to consider. Scrape income tax and charge 35% VAT on everything. Think of the influx of business (no corporation tax), the creation of jobs… Your taxed on what you actually want, not what you have earned. OK you would have to have some sort of import duty tax to stop everyone internet shopping but this would have the knock on effect of buying Irish. And we would have an open and transparent tax system, that people understand and is attractive to outside investment. Think about what happended when we brought corp tax to 12.5%. All our high earners won’t be sending money off shore and hiding it, they will spend it happily here…. As for the argument the working class would suffer… have a system of essential items VAT free or reduced. It’s time to stop hammering people who go out there and work hard. Instead of trying to divide the pie up as fairly as we can, let’s just make a bigger fucking pie.

  10. Andrew – I couldn’t agree more about FF.  However, I would argue that it was the low interest regime that allowed them run riot.  It was like giving a bunch of children a box of matches and a firework factory – they were bound to burn the blace to the ground.

    Johnie – I used to argue that point.  There is nearly everything in its favour.  It means that taxation becomes discretionary which is excellent.  The main problem with it though is that it just wouldn’t provide enough income.  The basic essentials in life would have to be taxed, just to top up the coffers.

  11. This is about generating wealth, encouraging private enterprise and growth. The government is abysmal at spending our money. For every €1 invested in income tax 50 cent is lost to bureaucracy. The system doesnt work, it costs too much and the services it provides and don’t forget you’re paying for these services, are far from adequate.

  12. Again, we have no argument.  The system need to be scrapped entirely and rebuilt from the foundations upwards.  The current juggernaut system seems to be designed purely to satisfy the bureaucrats and to provide jobs for the boys.  I must try and do a post sometime on my ideal system.  It could be a lengthy one though!

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