The Silence of the Lambs — 9 Comments

  1. Wakey wakey! 4 in the afternoon – Sandy’s lickin your face! Oh, one guinness too many maybe!?

  2. Surreal indeed. You went to the village with a gun? A loaded gun? Even more surreal you went to the pub and didn’t have a pint. I believe the mad yank stuff.
    It is my professional opinion (St. James 1975) you are suffering from the effects of ash – not pipe tobacco ash. I believe you asked the dog to write the post – there is not a single ‘fuck’ in the post.
    Standards are slipping, I’m afraid.

  3. Mick – As God is my judge, and all that.  I met our K8 on the way down and she can vouch for the veracity.  If she doesn’t, I’ll kick her shins.

    Kerry – Of course I carry a gun, and especially to the village.  I have a reputation in the hunting fraternity to maintain.  It was a bit early for a pint, so I just bought baccy.  As for my language – I have to be careful not to offend my readers?

  4. So that’s where all the conservative Democrats got to. I was wondering where they all went. Probably  a few of the more disgruntled Republicans amongst them also I’d imagine. They’re semi-comatose state is fairly easy to explain though. They probably thought they could come over to Ireland and stir things up a bit but they found the government had more corruption running through it than they could ever hope to achieve which explains their silent somnolent state.
    Thus, with their bridges burned behind them and no place in Ireland to call home, they’ve instinctively regressed to the final defense–playing the tourist. No worry though. They’ll soon start to disintegrate as there was nothing really holding them together in the first place except hate, anger and blind ignorance. There will be several piles of disintegration ash left over but I’m sure it will blow away with the breeze.
    Just don’t try to fly through it. Disintegrated conservative ash might cause engine failure.

  5. Kirk M – Certainly we must be amongst the world leaders when it comes to incompetence, corruption and cronyism.  Maybe they came over for lessons?  If I see any piles of ash at the side of the road in the next few days, I’ll know where it came from.

  6. I know Mick is implying that I dreamt it or made it up, but that is exactly what it was like – a village full of zombies whose brains had been fried.  It was very very strange.

  7. Hilarious! I have actually had the same experience but it was in Germany and they were Italian Skiers!
    I think I’d have fled the scene just as quickly ;0)

  8. Welcome, Niall.  My lot may have been Italian, but as they never said anything, I don’t know.  It was very strange.  Either they were on some drug or other, or else they were having withdrawals from some drug or other.

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