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  1. Grandad

    You do it as a personal release, a purge.

    You must set your mind free, and get ‘it’ out of your system.

    Yes, I’m talking about the writing.

  2. In someone’s pseudo-intellectual argument you’ve probably proved you’re a misogynist.
    So now you’ve got a second reason to write.
    .-= not twitter´s last brainfart .. One in the eye =-.

  3. Quiet Reader – I thought for one horrendous moment that you were referring to something else.  I’m glad you included that last line.

    Not Twitter – I take it you are referring to my attempt to rescue some bimbos from a life of self obsessed narcissm? Apparently they are a lost cause, so I have given up that little mission.

  4. Grandad

    I call it Mental Puking.

    Your next mission, if you choose to accept it. –
    Figure out how BTS and I, can have a satisfying, long-distance relationship. And is keeping distant the only way to have a decent relationship?

  5. It depends on the kind of relationship you want? If you want a long distance physical relationship, then I would suggest that BTS avail of every single spam mail offer he gets. If each one adds a couple of inches, then he should be able to reach a couple of thousand miles in no time at all. On the other hand, long distance non-physical does have the advantage of no rows or complications. I’d stick with that if I were you.

  6. Gd

    I want it ALL.


    Yes, you are right, of course.

    No matter how well-endowed he claims to be, I will have to settle for admiring him for his mind.

  7. “I’ll have to work my way through my list of friends and ask their opinion about that.”

    Sure. Should take a minute.

  8. BigYin – When do you think it will make sense?  I have been waiting one hell of a long time, and there is no light at the end of the mineshaft yet.

    TT – Stop judging people by your own standards.

  9. I think the reason people either Blog or read Blogs like this is because its cathartic ..

    In truth, they’ve probably saved untold numbers of Political, Do-gooder, Anti-Smoking and other assorted Twats from being regularly chinned ..

    And its a hell of a sight cheaper than the “therapy” to which our “Septic” friends seem to have become addicted ..

    Anyway .. Keep it up Grandad .. It works for me ..

  10. Haddock – You think I have stopped all these people from being nutted?   Now that’s a pity.  I’ll try and keep it up but at my age it ain’t easy.

  11. Grandad ..

    Yourself & other political Bloggers, whether you realise it or not actually provide a valuable public service ..

    You, provide we, the disenfranchised, the un-listened to, the ignored with a platform from which we can vent our collective spleens ..

    Without doubt all of the mongs I mentioned earlier richly deserve to be chinned, nutted, de-bollocked & strung from lamp posts with piano wire ..

    But let’s be fair .. none of them are worth so much as a wank .. let alone doing “time” for ..

  12. You are doing it so I know that I am not the only person in this God forsaken island who thinks like this

    PS I should really have a St Andrews Cross not a Tricolor on my post. Bloody machines

  13. Haddock – I’m a Public Service Broadcaster?  Wow!  I can’t help but feel like someone pissing against the wind though.  Now, if only I could start some genuine riots, complete with some lynchings, I’d be happy.

    Neelly – Welcome, and stop complaining!  I can’t help it if you are trying to disguise your location!  The problem is that nearly everyone feels like this, but no one is getting of their arses to do anything about it.

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