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  1. Sheer brilliance Grandad .. love it .. LMAO

    Anyone else remember the 1950’s hit “There’s a loose moose aroond this hoose” ? .. damned if I can remember who sang it though .. Ha ha ..

    BTW .. I’m regret that I’m unable to accept demotion, unless it has been ratified by Court Martial .. Swords & Medals to be worn (I have both) .. Lol

  2. Haddock – It’s demotion or firing squad.  Your choice.  Of course I remember that hit.  I had to look it up though to get the details – Lord Rockingham’s XI [1958].  Another fucking shower giving themselves titles.

  3. Not Twitter – Oh please God no!!  Not from Texas?

    TT – You are about to time-travel?  Bon voyage!!

  4. Don’t the clocks go forward in Ireland next Sunday? Which would make your 4 hr time difference into 5 hrs?

  5. I’ll take the Firing Squad Grandad .. Ta

    Given your penchant for hunting Septics .. and given that they still post here .. I’d say I have a better than evens chance of walking away unscathed .. Lol

  6. I remember having a very intense argument with a French student once about her claiming that there are Mammoths roaming around the French Alps near her home.

    As if it wasn’t hard enough explaining the meaning of ‘extinct’ through the language barrier, I found it really tough getting her to explain how an animal over 15ft high could fit into a hole in the ground, but she claimed it was so.

    Turns out she was talking about Marmots.

    How we laughed.

    You probably had to be there.

  7. TT – Other people’s clocks may go forward this weekend, but mine don’t.  I never put ’em back last October.

    Haddock – That’s fine.  Please forward £5 for the bullet.

    K8 – I have spoken to you about this before.  Will you please stop raiding my crop.  It’s no wonder your brain is mushed.

  8. Crap! This is what I get for not being around for the last few days. I missed this nice dedication to our Skype conversations. Something I have come to enjoy very much. Maybe I’ll get my wife to grit her teeth and actually take a picture of me I can use as an avatar or something. She tends not to look at me much these days as I’ve gone a bit downhill since we got married.

    And I am NOT a teenage Texan girl! I’m certainly not from Texas anyway. 😉
    .-= Kirk M´s last brainfart .. The Home Race =-.

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