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  1. I gave up a 40-fags a day habit for good almost 30 years ago, Grandad, and I’m very glad I did. But I one hundred percent agree with you on this. Like they say: liars figure, and figures lie. And using those lying figures to terrorise or condemn people is nothing short of criminal.
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  2. You are On Fire, Grandad!

    You, and your pipe.

    Thank You!

    Truth is refreshing and necessary.
    It is all about the police state.

    Side note. – Some claim vaccines cause SIDS/Cot Death.

  3. The government here too is always trying to ban smoking in different places like private vehicles but they’re happy to collect the taxes generated by the sale of smokes. If they keep us distracted by this issue, then we won’t worry about the crap that’s in our food and the crap that’s floating around in the air we breathe.
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  4. Having read a number of related topics around smoking on this blog and then arguing the points to people e.g. the majority of the reported facts aren’t actually based on any real evidence. Case and point is the Cot Deaths argument above, people just can’t counter argue it, as all their opinions are based on said truths banded about by ASH and the likes.

    People now just accept what John Britton and people in positions of influence say is gospel. It’s the brow beating tactic used so successfully by the catholic church over the years now used to the same effect all over again.

  5. The various governments are using people like Britton and ASH to spread these lies.  It is pure propeganda – the repetitive assertions of ‘the truth’, ‘facts’ and ‘statistics’.  The repetition is working well, as vox-pops prove.  The people in the street are now trotting out the same lines, without any question.  This is frightening, as it is the way Nazism and other totalitarian regimes get the people on their side.

    The people are slowly but surely losing their freedoms under these petty and needless laws.  A law to ban me from smoking my own pipe in my own car where I harm no one, is not just a bad law – it is an infringement on my most basic civil liberties.

  6. I wouldn’t worry about this Professorial dickhead. He’s probably looking for a job with the World Health Organisation, yet another unaccountable international quango where anyone with any medical certificate has promoted itself to government minister without portfolio.

    He knows full fucking well that there is no such thing as a cot death attributable to smoking.

    Nice attempt to use SID (Sudden Infant Death syndrome) to further his own puritannical messiah complex. I’m sure my mother who lost a child (would have been my older sister) would be very interested in his theory considering neither of my parents smoked. Back then it was called ‘cot death’.

    If he wants new laws and regulations he can fucking well stand for election. The good news is that the UK government are well aware of the BMC and RCP facility for nutty puritanism.

  7. “The report said passive smoking results in more than 300,000 GP consultations for children, some 9,500 hospital admissions and costs the NHS about £23.3 million each year”.

    How are they actually arriving at these figures?

  8. Con – The problem is that with his distorted ‘facts’ and the use of ‘saving our children and babies’ he is whipping up public fervour for the ban.  This is exactly the way they operate, so that when they approach the government, they can point to all the ‘support’ they have.

    Johnie – Those figures are plucked out of the air.  They are based on flawed statistics and wishful thinking.  There is no way they can substantiate those figures, because by their nature, they cannot be ascertained.  Costing the NHS £23.3 million a year is enough to worry anyone [if it were true], though it’s funny how they never mention the ten billion the UK government get from smokers a year?

  9. Haddock – [yes, you too have been demoted]  I have no idea, but there has to be a hidden agenda.  Either that or he is being manipulated in turn and is too thick to realise it.  I would bet though that there is a link with the pharmacuticals who make vast fortunes out of patches, gum and shit like that.

  10. Blackwatertown – As bit happens, I have just placed an order with Amazon, so that book has missed this boat.  It looks very interesting though and shall go in on the next one.

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