Irish Blog Awards to be a disaster — 10 Comments

  1. I knew it was going to be a disaster when I found out I couldn’t make it either. 😉

  2. oh, that’s it then, I’m certainly not going to go now… a disaster of such proportions would surely be painful to watch.

  3. I will take the tickets if you can get them to postpone the event a couple of weeks. Shouldn’t be a problem if you tell them I’m a Boondock Saint.

  4. It looks like all the important people aren’t going so?


    TT – I doubt it.  It’s very difficult controlling an ignorant rabble, and half them are already down there by now.  There would be mayhem if anyone tried to send them home again.

  5. ahh! I knew I was right all along. Just because I am not going you decided to follow suit. I was so looking forward to knocking back the pints and black bushes and slaggin the ass off everyone else.

    But I don’t want to. Whats the whole point of tweeting and blogging if you have to meet the other eejits who also blog and tweet. Might as well go to the pub.

    Far better to sit here, tweet, blog, dronk, eat and listen to my music than have to listen to the twitterati and bloggerati.

    You are very circumspect about your circumstances.
    .-= kerryview´s last brainfart .. Passport Office Dummies =-.

  6. Kerryview – Your problem is that you don’t want people to discover that you can’t handle your drink.  Am I being circumspect?  Maybe I am joining the circus, or measuring Herself’s circumference?  Maybe I don’t want to talk about the circumcision?  Or maybe I have a really hot date I don’t want to break?

  7. Ah fuck that Grandad, that’s it then, if you’re not going, neither am I.

    Flights, train, and hotel cancelled now.

    .-= Martin´s last brainfart .. Pressing snooze =-.

  8. Martin – We’ll show ’em where the real talent lies.  The place will be like a morgue without us.

  9. A disaster is right! Blog Award Winners? – Yikes!
    Do you get the feeling that you don’t fit an agenda? –

    I am sure you realize that you have won the Very Best Award. – Dedicated, thankful, witty, smart, and for the most part, decent, readers that follow your blog.
    A true reflection on you.

    Thank You, Grandad, and Congratulations!

  10. Quiet Reader – That comment has left me feeling somewhat humbled [I think that’s what it is – it’s not a familiar emotion].  Thank you indeed.

    I hope you exclude Martin above who is a very worthy winner!  🙂

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