Looking for a holiday — 19 Comments

  1. I hope you are donning the green jersey and hiring a caravan in Wexford this year, Groandad?

  2. That is brilliant!

    Here comes the enemy!  Let’s heave an extra hot Vindaloo at ‘im

  3. Typical.. . the electrician doesn’t repair his lights . . .the plumber has leaking taps . . the Webmaster hoards his emails! Time for a spring clean!

  4. I have to keep those mails, because if I deleted them tonight I would have a dire need to retrieve one tomorrow.  Anyway, I’m not a webmaster – I’m a pensioner.

  5. “Webmaster” .. that always makes me chuckle .. it makes the holder of such high office sound like some kind of “Super” Spider .. Lol

  6. “Here comes the enemy! Let’s heave an extra hot Vindaloo at ‘im“

    Yeah & just to make sure they keep their turbans down .. launch an all-out barrage of Kulcha Naans too … and don’t forget .. no throwing your Onion Bhajees till you can see the whites of their eyes … PMSL

  7. I always hated that “webmaster” thing.  Too nerdy.

    As for the other, do they give the enmy an option of boiled or fried rice?

  8. I think if they wanna go soft on the enemy .. they use Pilau rice .. Heh heh ..

  9. Apparently ’tis your public and patriotic duty to sit in a caravan in Wexford for holliers this year Groandad.

    They say the rain gets warmer in June.

  10. None of that horsing around in France spending euros you could be donating to the state to help it out of its state of chassis or to the Archbish for a new Poggenpohl kitchen or sump’n.

    Sitting in sunshine.Wine. More wine. ‘Tis a delayed nineteen sixties you are having, not a hollier. Naked debauchery in the abroad.

  11. Talking of all this patriotic staying at home crap, I didn’t hear one whisper about all the ones who went to Cheltenham, including the arch righteous Fine Gael TDs.

  12. I thought you were going west for the weekend? Is that not enough for ya?

    As far as your June holiday is concerned, I can’t wait for the peace and quiet.

    Now to finish that black bush and retire to the leaba.
    .-= kerryview´s last brainfart .. Passport Office Dummies =-.

  13. Con – I am dropping the Cap’n bit.  Like it or lump it.  They can fuck off with their patriotism.  I have my reasons for staying in Ireland this year and it has fuck all to do with any call to support my country.  Given half a chance I’d be off somewhere where the sun is warm, the prices are low and I’m not treated like the spawn of the devil for smoking a pipe.

    Ian – Do as I say, and not as I do?

    Kerryview – I’m talking about a proper holiday.  As for the peace and quiet – I’m heading down to your neck of the woods.  😈

  14. Aye, Grandad. There does appear to be a squadron of skippers around in these waters.

  15. Hording is the worst enemy of old people GD. It’s bad enough trying to remember to put your pants on in the morning, let alone recall where you’ve left a letter!
    Anyway, have a really good holiday. I’m wishing you that now, in case I forget later. (D*mn this old age thing)!
    .-= Geri Atric´s last brainfart .. MIND OVER MATTER! =-.

  16. Ahhh Geri,

    You’re not as bad as me .. I was gonna join the Alzheimer’s Society but forgot which night they meet and where ..

    Like I’d intended joining the Apathy Society but couldn’t be arsed ..

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