Faces I could never tire of kicking – 3 — 18 Comments

  1. It will be soon.  No, I’m not having any worse a day than normal.  I’m just forewarning those people on my list to be prepared for the revolution.  It’s an act of kindness, really.

  2. It seems to me that you watch too much tv. In particular you seem to graze channels where those megarichmorons appear.
    Stop it. Use the tv player on your PC and watch what you want. If not use the off button.

    Of course I may be wrong. Perhaps Nurse Ratchett in your ward has the TV permanently stuck on crap. Just for you.
    .-= kerryview´s last brainfart .. Fairy Cake – Darina v Dunnes =-.

  3. Just the opposite – if I see those two morons are on, I switch off/over.  Out of the 800 or so channels that I have, there are only a handful of decent ones, so when they start clogging up those, it leaves me with fuck all.  I have never watched a full programme featuring those two.  I couldn’t.  I would go insane.

  4. Thank fuck someone else has noticed The Evil One (on the left).

    The one on the right (and he’s always on the right in any photo) is yer average nice mammy’s boy- no problem for a schlock TV presenter but the one on the left has a habit of staring at the camera in a way I find alarming. He’s the TV ‘personality’ most likely to go postal with a gun in my opinion.

    Bloody weird pair of superannuated kids TV presenters.

  5. Ah!  So I am not the only one.  He looks like he’s there to cast a hex on anyone who doesn’t laugh at the other one’s jokes?

  6. I can confirm that you are not going doolally Gramps/capt’n. I live not a considerable stones throw away from these two goerdies. They met as teenagers on a British TV prog called Byker Grove, not sure of the correct spelling, and was set in a fictional place in Byker, Newcastle. The were given the push when they became men? and the producers thought that they were past their sell by date as this was all about teens.

    For some unknown reason they were lumped together and ITV saw fit to give them prime time television slots and fete them as gods gift to telivision???

    I can no longer go to the pub as I am treated as a pariah because I want to have a pint and a smoke there so I am incarcerated in my home with a can of Guiness (fucking Irish, you got me hooked, I only watched the advert once ffs,) and forced to watch such banality as these two or Dancing on Ice or Bruce Forsythe and celebrity ballroom dancing or any other coma inducing shit they want to throw at me.

    Who stole my Saturday nights?

    Oh fuck, it’s Sunday, what’s on the TV…I think I’ll go hang myself!
    .-= TheBigYin´s last brainfart .. Tales from the Darkside-Alcohol & Tobacco News. =-.

  7. @The Big Yin
    you forgot to mention their awful spinoff from Byker Grove when they were the all singing/all dancing PJ and Duncan “Lets get ready to rumble” was their seminal ‘hit’

    Poor Grandad, I feel your pain. Ant is the one on the left with the ginormous forehead which is just asking for a boot!

  8. Just another excellent example of why I removed all sat/cable/antennae hookups from TV long ago. Now my big old outdated squawk box sits in the corner and does a fine job of keeping the carpet from creeping.

    Still, it’s good to know that it’s not just us in the old USA that have unbelievably aggravating personalities prancing around the wide screen.
    .-= Kirk M´s last brainfart .. Egg Standing 2010 =-.

  9. Big Yin – I might have guessed that they were a cast-off from something [well, actually I did guess, but that’s beside the point].  I would suggest you move to Ireland.  We have the same shit television stations, and even more draconian anti-smoking laws, but at least the Guinness is better?

    Cap’n Haddock – I had to look up ‘bustle-punchers’ [not a widely used term?], and am glad I did.  I learn something every day.  Thank you for that.

    Becky – The more I look at that photograph, the more inclined I am to smash that Left One [Ant?] in the face.  He has a very disturbing effect.

    Cap’n Haddock [again] – Anyone who works for The Third Reich The EU qualifies, purely on the grounds that they are money scabbing, unelected megalomaniacs.  I must confess though that she is particularly sparing in the beauty stakes?   Maybe she already got a good face kicking?

    Kirk M – I watch less and less, simply because there is little to grab my interest.  I am just about restricted to Sharon these days.  Mind you, she makes television a necessity.

    Manuel – I will try, but I can’t promise anything.

  10. Well done Grandad .. “Bustle-punching” is an old RN term for “taking it up the transom” .. Lol

    As for Lady Ashton, my guess is that she fell out of the ugly tree .. and hit every bloody branch on the way down ..

    I suspect a good kick (or three) in the chops could only improve her looks, it certainly wouldn’t have any discernably detrimental effect ..

    Face like a welder’s bench .. heh heh

  11. I think its an age thing – I can’t be doing with them but my son and his wife think they’re really funny!

    I just keep my head down!!
    .-= Kate´s last brainfart .. Update! =-.

  12. Cap’n Haddock – Actually, the definition I found was slightly different.  Apparently it’s also a term used by your finest constabulary to refer to men who get their jollies rubbing up against women in closely packed crowds.  “Face like a welder’s bench” – love it!  Hah!!

    Kate – I have never watched them long enough to hear if they are funny or not.  My gut reaction is that they aren’t so I steer well clear.

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