Never eat a Vindaloo on a Sunday — 17 Comments

  1. Me grandad’s definition of a strong-willed man was one who could fart in bed and NOT put his head under the covers to sample the result.

  2. Welcome, Michael [or may I call you Noot?].  I must be strong willed then.  I just wouldn’t dare raise the quilt, let alone stick my head down.  Normally I enjoy life and would like to live, thanks.

  3. I’m entitled to be in extra bad form if I want.  Snarky comments don’t help either.  Nor do people who can’t even type their own e-mail addresses properly!!  😉

  4. Look at you. One decent curry and you’re fucked.
    You must be vegetating at a phenomenal rate since you retired two weeks ago.
    Better start sucking up to the doc.
    .-= not twitter´s last brainfart .. May cause sudden deafness =-.

  5. Grandad I know how you feel – I am in the foulest mood in history today. I could just stab someone in the face. And like it.

  6. Kerryview – More likely too many pints last night?

    Not Twitter – I will have you know I have been having my Vindaloo at least once [sometimes twice] a week for as long as I can remember.  Today just seems to be a conspiracy of circumstance.

    Jennikybooky – Do you want to call over here?  I have a spare rifle, and we can go hunting Americans?  I always feel better after that.

  7. Not your day, eh Grandad ?

    Still as long as you have the flatus .. its a good time for you to invite the cold-callers to “Pog Ma Thoin” ..

    Vindaloo always ends up with my arse resembling a map of The Ponderosa (older readers will know what I mean) ..

  8. I’ll try again.
    Where was herself while all this was going on? And I don’t know about hunting Americans; you seem unable to hunt even a wee mouse without fucking up.

  9. I had curry two nights in a row. it was the same one split over two nights. They’re hotter on the second night. My ass is like the Japanese flag.

  10. I feel sorry for Herself what with the copious nocturnal flatulence and the sacks of coal on the table. You’d get to thinkin’ that the trap wasn’t meant to catch mice 😉

  11. Grandad,

    Laptops are for girls and sales people…

    get a box!

    Jesus, and you a pipe-smoker…

  12. Should have had some decent bottled lager. Its the Vindaloo’s only known enemy in the wild, is good bottled lager.

    Or next time order a ‘Phal’ hot lamb curry. There won’t be a peep out of you for days. Except arse whimpers.

    They don’t make Groandads like they used to.

  13. Actually all of this talk makes me want to eat vindaloo on Sunday even more…

    Want to try find an Indian restaurant the day after the Blog Awards then? 😀

  14. For reasons outside my control, I have been somewhat absent from here, and am therefore a small arse little behind remiss in commenting.

    There seems to be some considerable concern for Herself in a couple of the comments?  Your so call stmpathy is completely misplaced.  She is sleeping soundly in the garden shed [though she did complain a bit about the noise that night].

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