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  1. Yeah, you’ll not get a lot of detail in Ireland, out in the country, I guess its not high on Google Earth’s priorities. Heading to the IBAs next weekend ?
    .-= Séamus´s last brainfart .. After the rain ended.. =-.

  2. How come we are lower on the list of priorities than the Sahara Desert?  Strange.  And yes – I shall be gracing Galway with my presence [if I can find it].

  3. Maybe they are all Protestants and there are no Catholics working for Google Earth, or maybe all of the Catholics are working for Cardinal Sean Brady in “damage” control?

  4. The parts of Ireland covered in detail seem somewhat arbitrary. There are strips of the midlands in high resolution while neighbouring counties have the same degree of definition as the Rwanda-Burundi border (a place where I had particular interest last summer!)

  5. You want Google Earth already? In Cavan I’m still waiting for a mobile or television signal; every year these semaphore flags seem a little heavier.

    Still wondering how the DHL fellow can’t find us, Google Earth can’t find us, satellite signals can’t find us, but Jehovah’s Witness can.
    .-= Susan at Stony River´s last brainfart .. Oh, Heavens… =-.

  6. They finally got around to putting up relatively detailed photos of Youghal a couple of months ago.

    Only thing is they are at least 9 years old and there’s a big cloud over my house!

  7. John – That can’t be the answer.  The Vatican is there in all its splendiferous and ostentatious glory.

    Ian – Maybe you should have gone somewhere more accessible?  Greenland?

    Susan – Well, we are a little more civilised on the Eastern Half.  We even have indoor toilets.  As for Jehovah’s Witnesses – they seem to have their own SatNav system that can find anyone anywhere.

    Robert – I remember passing through Youghal around nine years ago, so that’s probably not cloud but pipe smoke.  Sorry about that.

    John – I’m not pushed about Street View.  I would like to see my country in a little more detail though…..

  8. You could be right – go to Google Earth and look at Nuuk, Greenland and then compare it with Mountrath, Co Laois.

  9. Street View actually caught me “bang to rights” mowing my bloody lawn .. I’ll be doing it forever now … Lol

  10. Ian – Exactly.  The strangest places have full coverage, but poor ol’ Ireland just gets forgotten.  Time for a few missiles?

    Cap’n Haddock – Go on.  Be brave.  Give us the co-ordinates.  🙂

  11. Wot .. and have you taking the piss out of me in shorts ? .. I think not .. Lol

  12. Google street view you say? And you can see through windows with it? Beats sitting behind the aspedestra (?)peering through net curtains!!!! Right then, just off to download it… Something odd going on next door these last few nights; with people going in at the front door and large sacks coming out at the back…
    .-= Geri Atric´s last brainfart .. NIT-PICKIN A CHICKEN! =-.

  13. Aha Geri told me you were ranting…. I’m sick of the whole thing – my house can now be viewed from all angles and the latest thing is the thermal image of it posted back at my place!! If I could swear as good as you can ….. I would!!!!!!
    .-= Kate´s last brainfart .. Update! =-.

  14. I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds its strange that Ireland has yet to get to be a better part of Google Earth. They don’t even have Dublin up do they? I can understand not having bits of the country up, but the bigger cities? It just goes to show that no one cares about poor oul’ Ireland.
    .-= Shannon´s last brainfart .. Memories =-.

  15. Not Twitter – Not content with that, they insist on calling St Patty’s Day.  Fucking idiots.

    Geri – It’s all right for you lot on the continent.  You can spy on each other to your hearts content.  We just have to rely on smudgy blurs.

    Kate – I saw that thermal image [yes….. I do read your site, even if I don’t comment very often].  Can you send me your exact address please?  I want to have a laugh at see the state of your place.

    Shannon – They do have Dublin in reasonable detail, along with the major cities [Cork] but the rest is just random strips of bogland and pieces of coastline.  As for Street View – Hah!!

  16. I noticed this a couple of years ago when I was trying to find a friend’s house in Cavan. Not stalking you understand, just curious and nothing! Even my place down in the arshole of the earth has just been ‘updated’ and it’s been on Google Earth for ages. Seems to me there could be an employment opportunity there for someone to plonk a massive camera on top of the old Mini and photograph Ireland . . .

  17. Baino – There’s nothing wrong with stalking.  It’s quite a good hobby actually.  The irony is that they have been spotted many times with their toy cameras over the past couple of years, but not only do we not have Street View yet, we still don’t have much in the way of decent satellite images.  The fucking North Pole has better coverage!!

  18. Now why would I be daft enough to do that – I like my visitors to communicate with me not stand outside lurking!!! On or off Google Street View!!!
    .-= Kate´s last brainfart .. Update! =-.

  19. Here in Holland I could read the address on an envelope in my neighbour’s postbox on Google earth, but back home it hardly shows my home town.

    .-= Martin´s last brainfart .. Cherry popping =-.

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