Ending it all — 13 Comments

  1. Gerry Ryan: “And where would you like to be buried?” Caller: “Up to me balls in Bibi Baskin!”

  2. Oh I don’t know Groandad. Couldn’t you just try out the sitting in a corner, dribbling, pissing and shitting yourself?

    It seems a pity to spend years watching herself change nappies and generally work her fingers to the bone raising kids and then exclude yourself from the payback.

    I intend to spend at least one year annoying all my relatives with all sorts of sysmptoms and poking young people at bus-stops with a rolled up umbrella before heading off (after my Ernest Saunders-like recovery from ALzheimers, Parkinsons, alcoholism, drug addictions etc) for my pint of morphine at Dignitas in Switzerland.

    I refuse to be cheated of something I look forward to enormously.

  3. You have a fair point there Cap’n.  After all, as senility approaches, we pass back into second childhood and beyond the realms of the law.  I am therefore able to ply my grandkids with illicit substances [but only the ones they will enjoy], grope even more women at bus stops and generally make a fucking nuisance of myself around the village.

    Yes.  You’re right.  There’s a lot to look forward to.

  4. For a second there I was getting worried.

    But you’re right, it’s the height of the hunting season right now.

    * loads up the M14EBR *

  5. “I’m off out now.

    Today is the biggest day in the sporting calendar.”

    Did you remember to bring your hunting gear this time?

  6. Save yourself some money. Just send me a round trip ticket and I will pop over and do the job for you. This month’s special : 2 for the price of one.
    Oh well; 1300 hrs. Time to don my orange shirt and get off to the bar.

  7. TheChrisD – That;s what I like to hear.  Hope you gad a good day?  I had the best bag for months.  God, but I love Paddy’s Day.

    Kirk M – What do you take me for?  Senile?

    TT – Do you really love me that much?  I am very touched, but Herself is determined to see Switzerland at some stage.  And who the fuck is Big Zeb?

    John – There are a few in there I would be quite happy to lie under.  I wonder if Sharon would pose for the sculptor?



  8. Big Zeb won the big race at Cheltenham (for Ireland, trained by Colm Murphy.) Came in at 10-1.

  9. TT – You should know me better by now.  Horse races?  Sport?  Nah!  Not interested.

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