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  1. “If I were a follower of Richard Dawkins [which I’m not] I would use the argument that the Catholic Church is the greatest proof that God does not exist, for if God existed, would he tolerate such a corrupt, deluded, power crazy mob using His name to further their ends?”

    Good point. At the minute every time they open their mouths they come out with something that damns them further. Firstly by saying it (out loud), secondly by saying it and not realising what they’ve just said sounds mad to decent, ordinary thinking (non-clergy) people.
    They’re still looking at the world through a different filter than the one everyone else does. As such it’s just not possible for them to see the abhorrence that others see.

    Their observance of self preservation justified by Canon Law, quoted a God’s Law but written by men, above Civil Law shows how disconnected they are. They’ve been brain-washed into believing that. It’s all of us who’ve got the whole thing wrong in their eyes.

    If an organisation in the business world had been found to be protecting it’s employees from accusations of rape which it knew to be true, facilitated the perpetuation of child rape, a right thinking government would have it shut down, dismantled. Parents whose children were exposed to this organisation would physically dismantle it by force.
    There are many guilty by complicity in the Catholic Church, it won’t, can’t change, even if the will was there to.
    .-= not twitter´s last brainfart .. Hamsters and chickens =-.

  2. I can’t disagree with any of that. Dammit !
    Never mind; St Party’s Day tomorrow at the Irish pub. This year they had St Baldric’ks Day last Sunday, which I have just recovered from; which means two party days this week. Still $40K was raised so all’s well.

  3. Not Twitter – Their problem is that they have brainwashed themselves into a surreal world, where they honestly cannot believe that they have done any wrong.  Their disconnection is quite frankly scary.  If I were that disconnected from reality, I would be in a nice little room now, being tended to by nice men with white coats.

    TT – Quite some event, huh?  You agreeing with me?  I trust you will be raising pints of Guinness tomorrow?  Heh!

  4. I have a real problem when I see a bunch of Cardinals on the tv.

    I know that you don’t get to be a Cardinal without being regarded as an intellectual, having been to the best schools etc.

    I don’t believe for one moment that that collection of men regard it as true that there is a chap in the sky with a beard running everything.

    I DO believe that what we see is the Board of a Multinational Corporation who go along with the whole religion thing because it provides them with a palace and servants.

    What we are seeing now is the scales falling from the eyes of ordinary people about these mad bastards who are so conservative that they feel that they should not be questioned- and certainly not accused of any crimes.

    Best way to deal with this lot is to jail the wrongdoers and their accomplices and take away their bloody palaces.

    It would be interesting to see when the money dries up how many of these people are willing to slum it. Not many, I suspect.

  5. Grandad .. our lives (in the context of this thread) have followed very similar paths ..

    If Brady resigns .. I wonder, will he be looking for a job within Gordon Brown’s cabinet ? ..

    He’d feel perfectly at home .. as they’re all lying, deluded, immoral bastards .. who just don’t “get it” too ..

  6. Cap’n Con – I know what you mean.  Seeing those clowns in their fancy costumes all parading around the Vatican, looking smug make s wonder what Jesus of Nazareth would make of it?  It makes my blood boil to see that carry-on and to have them declaring bankruptcy to avoid their paying any compensation.

    Cap’n Haddock – Why Gordon Brown’s cabinet?  Our lot are just as bad when it comes to living on a different planet.  Look at the fuckers now – they impose cutbacks on the old, the young, the disabled and the infirm because of the recession and then all fuck off abroad for little holidays at our expense.  Let’s see Brown match that for sheer hypocrisy?

  7. I didn’t think anyone could match “McSnot” Brown for fucking things up .. clearly, I was wrong ..

    His predecessor “Teflon” Tone suddenly “found” Catholicism .. when he thought it might do him a bit of good in Europe too ..

    We also have a new phenomenon in England .. its called “Browning” .. it means aimlessly lying about anything & everything for no good reason ..

  8. Amen Grandad!

    Preach on!

    Looking forward to the next installments. – Mormonism, Islam, New Age, Emergent church, and so on.

    How does it go? – The freaks shall inherit the worth.

  9. Cap’n Haddock – I really think the Irish government could give your Labour a decent run for their money.  We have been royally fucked over by them for too long.  Our recession is still deepening while you lot are coming out, and it looks like we will be paying for our lot’s mistakes for at least a couple of generations.  Like the church, they are completely divorced from reality and are more concerned with “our image abroad” than they are with unemployment, poverty or any other trivial matters.  Don’t start me off again.

    Quiet Reader – I actually though I might get a little argument with this post.  How wrong I was [and even TT agreed with me?].  I don’t really see the point in commenting on other religions, as I have more or less covered the lot here.  As I said – I believe in Faith but religion is just for the mindless masses.

    Manuel – Thank you.  🙂

  10. God (not that one), I’m so glad to read these thoughts – I’ve just started “blogging” today for the first time because of the anger I feel. I’ve spent the last while thinking that the catholic church is not just a cover for a large and powerful corporation, but also a cover for organised paedophilia. Is it possible that their apparent disconnection with the world is them “playing dumb”? If their response is a strategic one, then I believe it is not just a minority, or the church’s reputation they are protecting but an entire criminal organisation from top to bottom, all around the world. And where in the world are they looking to “help” next – impoverished uneducated societies of the second and third world who they can influence, control, and instil fear into, and prey on their children. They disgust me…..And they had the nerve to come knocking on my door asking for money to help fix the church roof. Jesus, priorities!

  11. Mad when you think of it. When a pope is elected we know from all the newspapers that there is mad jockeying for power by various factions within the college of cardinals.

    JP11 was a compromise candidate. The papers are full of the politics of it all when a pope dies.

    And then some old bollix in a dress comes out and announces that the new pope has been selected by the Holy Ghost.


  12. The Catholic Chruch really is just big buisness. Think of the value in property alone? Its net worth NOT including the Vatican is estimated in the billions USD. It has its own banks, has huge investment in the stock market/ bonds, its art portfolio… Father Mac Money of the Roman Catholic Church Ltd trading as GOD.

  13. Welcome, Morning Coffee.  To me, the Catholic Church is now just an irrelevant business.  I pass the church and see it as nothing more than a McDonalds, except that in return for your money, all you get is false promises.  It has been in decline for a long time now, and the uncovering of their crimes is just another big nail in their coffin [I hope].

    If you have just started blogging, why didn’t you include your blog address?  😉

    Cap’n Con – Within the church itself, it’s all politics.  Elect the bollix who is not going to rock the boat, and who will toe the party line.  It would be funny if it weren’t so damned iniquitous.

    Johnie – And what exactly do they do with all that money?  They just seem to accumulate it for the sake of it.  It makes me sick when I hear the Vatican’s response to a major disaster – ‘we will pray for them’.  Big fucking deal.

  14. Johnnie, are you kidding me? The real estate alone runs into billions. The banking and global investments puts it into trillions. The taxes, if they paid any, would fund every third world program (disease, famine, earthquakes etc.) for the next hundred years.

  15. Sorry Johnnie, I just reread your comment and realised you’d actually said what I then repeated. A senior moment apparently. Having more of them lately for some reason.

  16. I had the same kind of upbringing as you Grandad (substitute nuns for brothers) and I agree with every single word you wrote there, Grandad, including ‘the’ and ‘and.’ Organized religion is an abomination, yet it holds billions in thrall.

  17. I had the same kind of catholic upbringing too – except, like Tessa, it was nuns who taught me (they weren’t too bad really except for the obsession with sock colour – beige or detention). What I don’t get, about myself largely, is that I still care passionately about what happens in the religion I was raised with. It’s like they planted a subcutaneous chip in me and until I find out where it is, I’ll never be free! Grandad, I suggest to you that you may have been chipped too 😀
    .-= Yvonne´s last brainfart .. How to get ahead in the Irish Catholic Church =-.

  18. Tessa – As  five year old, the nuns terrified the shit out of me.  Of course in those days, they were all black with their faces peering out from their wimples.  That was no way to introduce an innocent [hah!] kid to the Big Bad World.

    Welcome Yvonne.  You are more than likely right about the subcutaneous chip.  After all, seventeen years or so of brainwashing during the most formative years are almost certainly going to have a lifelong effect.  Of course I still hold the remnants of those years, but I like to think that logic and reason hold the power over blind faith in a propaganda.

  19. Aye, I’m with you on the logic and reason, and even as a child in my observant household there were stories of priests who were deemed to be right auld so-and-sos etc. So the following wasn’t blind, it was discerning, if outwardly compliant and respectful.

    I had a lovely post ready about my favourite dog when the Brady thing blew up and the chip made me abandon 1200 words and write another fulmination instead. If I had truly learned to let logic govern the programming, I could be appalled by the abuse and the cover-up, and then get on with writing about lovely dogs. But it just ain’t so…

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