Anyone for a free holiday? — 15 Comments

  1. Over here its just an excuse for Clinton Cards (and others) to make a fast Punt flogging fake ginger beards, green hats & Paddy’s Day cards ..

  2. Do the Irish politicians not see the irony in using a day to push business, when Ireland is being portrayed as a land of fucking leprechauns and fairies?  As for trying to impress the president of the US by giving him a bowl of weed!  Hah!

  3. As for the bowl of weed .. it’ll go nicely with the White House’s “Eco-friendly” Easter Eggs ..

  4. The awld fellar was Welsh!!!!

    Legend has it that St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland was born in Banwen in 385 AD. His Welsh name was said to be Maewyn Succat and that his father Caiphurnius was a Roman official based at the Roman marching fort at nearby Coelbren. Maewyn was kidnapped at the age of 16 and taken to Ireland as a slave. After six years in Ireland he escaped to France and entered St Martin’s monastery in Tours where, he became a priest. The Pope named him Patricius and sent him on a mission to Ireland in 431AD where he died on March 17, 461 AD.
    It’s near to Max Boyce country – he’d probably tell you that he was there …
    Erin Go Bragh

  5. Cardi – I know damn well he was Welsh!  That’s another thing that makes me laugh.  So Wednesday is really Maewyn’s Day?  I prefer it.  There are a lot of Paddys in Ireland who will be sad to lose their names though?

  6. So it’s fair to say you’ve slurped on a few creamy penises then?

    Sorry Grandad. You put the ball in front of me and…
    .-= Hangar Queen´s last brainfart .. Feet Of Clay =-.

  7. Some years back the Guinness morketing crowd at Diageo started referring to St Patricks WEEK.

    One wonders why.

  8. Your homeland boys around here say the only reason they celebrate St patty’s day is because it gives them an excuse to drink (like they needed one). They have taken to celebrating quite a few obscure Days…about 365 of them…
    Green beer, uck, a glass of dark Mack & Jack, smooth… it’s only a small 10 hour drive away. Think it best I settle for a fine scotch & soda, fuel economy not being my old SUV’s strong point.
    .-= Brighid´s last brainfart .. ROUNDUP READY =-.

  9. HQ – Did you have to say that?  Actually he knows better than to try his artwork on any of the locals.  He thinks it’s a shamrock but actually it’s a penis.

    Cap’n Con – Stand by for St Patrick’s Month?  For fuck’s sake!  Are people so gullible?

    Brighid – Real drinkers do not need an excuse.  As for the idea of green beer….!!  What is it with this green shit?  Is Ireland the only country in the world with grass?  Give me strength [and a black Guinness]!

  10. Sorry Boss. The set up was too perfect. It would have been stupid of me not to.

    Pints should be blacker than a landlord’s heart.End of.
    .-= Hangar Queen´s last brainfart .. Feet Of Clay =-.

  11. haha seriously, god forbid people actually drink something Irish on St. Patricks Day. ….green beer. Do any of the pubs in Ireland get away with that kind of crap?
    .-= Shannon´s last brainfart .. Memories =-.

  12. Shannon – If any fucking pub in Ireland tried to die the beer, they would be burned to the ground.

  13. One grandad to another…

    On Maewyn Succat’s eve and having read your latest blog re religion – I find that I have more in common with you than I originally thought – it goes beyond the comical and outwardly blaze outlook on life …

    Fuck it – I’m getting too philosophical for someone who vowed when he retired not to have to nod in agreement with anyone anymore – not that I did anyway – but these days a “Fuck off out of my face” usually works whereas it used to be more a diplomatic, ” Go way”. Don’t expect that from a former pillar of the community – do they?

    By the way – tadcu (tad – key) or taid ( ta- yid) is Welsh for grandad – what’s the Gaelic?


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