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  1. Unfortunately, in our modern world there is no longer any mileage in being honest ..

    Honesty doesn’t pay, as proven on an almost daily basis by those at the forefront of public life .. the Politicians ..

    It would appear that if one lies, lies & lies again .. loudly enough & often enough, one gets away with it ..

    The same applies equally to owning up to one’s mistakes .. find yourself a scapegoat (preferably one who isn’t rich enough or in any position to fight back) or a nebulous “cause” (like Global warming) and blame them or it hard enough & long enough until people get fed up with hearing about it and move on to the next scandal ..

    One only needs to note the difference in the way in which lying, cheating, thieving Politicians & honest, public-spirited “whistle-blowers”, for example are treated to see the harsh reality of life ..

  2. Surely the spin doctors must know that people respect honesty.  We all know they’re as guilty as sin, and lose even more repect for them each time they deny it.  I doubt that there is a single person alive who believes the crap they put out about their innocence, and I doubt there is a single person alive who would lose any respect for them if they came clean?
    I dunno.

  3. I wonder whether the complete imperviousness to responsibility is a reflection of the fact that Irish politics is awash with lawyers?

    Lawyers, like priests, can dissassociate themselves psychologically from the ethics or morality of those they seek to defend.

    The Dail is a game to them … a fake and ongoing jarndyce and jarndyce of a court case where they each get their say and the only real news is the latest fiddle accompanied by almost a celebrity lifestyle on extraordinary expenses.

    Its just a club for lawyers and the ultimate clients mean fuckall to them.

  4. South of France Guide – No.  Thank you.  I do feel bad about that.

    Cap’n Con – I think it’s more a case of thinking themselves to be somehow separate from society.  They set their own rules, and those rules just simply state that they cannot be at fault for anything.  They are so utterly disconnected from the Plebs, that they cannot see themselves as having any of the Plebs’ weaknesses.

  5. Its called personal responsibility, something that parents should be teaching their children but are leaving that to the so called educators. What a bunch of crap! My parents when myself and brother and sister were growing up told us that if we were in trouble at school we were in trouble at home, don’t lie, it will be easier on you if you tell me the truth right away and treat one another the way you wanted to be treated (you know the “golden rule”). As trite as it may sound we need to get back to basics and start caring for one another, keep our mouths shut and listen a little more! Amen.

  6. Kirk M – Not at my age, no.  I have too many other important things to be doing.  Unless of course I am forced to by popular demand?  😐

    John – I couldn’t agree with you more.  I was taught the same, that school and home were essentially the same, and that the same rules applied.  The problem nowadays is that all parents want to be Best Buddies with their kids, and the latter end up damned confused.

  7. Grandad, I ‘m impressed with your honest approach … and wry sense of humour – on being introduced to my first boss many years ago I remember his opening gamabit – “Spade’s a spade, shovel’s a fucking shovel – that’s the way I am and if you can accept that we’ll get on “… best boss I ever worked for – told it like it was …

  8. Cardi – I was brought up to believe that if I were in the wrong, that I should acknowledge the fact and apologise.  I was also brought up never to confuse a spade and a shovel, and that has stood me in good stead!

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