Faces I could never tire of kicking – 2 — 15 Comments

  1. Indeed.
    More to the point, as your near neighbour, geographically and politically speaking, surely one of the 4 million or so of you has the nouse to arrange a revolution.
    It’s needed. Your country is being systematically fucked, not just for now but for the next two or more generations. The Ministers and MPs are setting an example, already prevalent lower down, where accountability and responsibility mean nothing.
    You could start with her, is there anyone (other than other MPs in her own party) who thinks she’s in any way capable of doing her job or is there some hypnotic fixation people have to Jabba?
    .-= not twitter´s last brainfart .. Hamsters and chickens =-.

  2. Of course her partner, who is also swanning around New Zealand for 15 days along with three aides from the Dept of Health is a lobbyist for private health care interests.

    Considering she is the Minister for Health and Children I find it remarkable that someone with such a political brief in Ireland can justify 5 Business Class round trips to NZ with 5 star hotels thrown in for two weeks for a one day cultural celebration which has never once been shown to have created any jobs in Ireland.

    We have an investigation announced into 23 deaths of children in HSE care today, the story about HSE leaving a 16 year old in an internet cafe in Dublin overnight and we have the shambles at Tallaght.

    She should be on the first flight back. Or get sacked while in absentia. That way she’d have to pay for her own flight home.

  3. “They are more to be pitied than scolded”.

    A kicking wouldn’t help. You would reach exhaustion long before you had kicked any sense into her.

    Some people just aren’t worth the effort. Just be content in the knowledge that this oxygen thief will die eventually.

    .-= Captain Ranty´s last brainfart .. Friday Prayers =-.

  4. Jesus Grandad judging by the sconce of her I think someone must have got to her before you with the hobnails..
    She’s a fucking disgrace but then which of the current crop is any better.
    Roll on the revolution.

  5. Not Twitter – If I were a few years younger, I would be more than ready to join any uprising.  This country needs it, if only to restore some semblance of democracy.  This would be an ideal time, as they all swan off at our expense to exotic foreign locations.

    Cap’n Con – There is no fucking way she is going to cut her holiday short.  Look at Dempsey, sunning himself on the beaches of Malta when he was supposed to be sorting our snowed up roads?  Those wankers look after themselves first and foremost.

    Cap’n Ranty – I would imagine she is well within the morbidly obese range, so the irony is that her health is most likely to get her first.

    Brianf – As a ball?  Too large.

  6. King’s Bard – The current lot are a disgrace, but I still think she manages to outshine most of ’em.  How the fuck do people vote her in???

  7. TT – That is her normal expression.  When she appears on the television, we are first treated to the scowl, and then given a speech about some shit in a dreadful momotone that sounds like she’s speaking at a graveside.

    Jennikybooky – Like the best arses – great for producing shite.

  8. I haven’t a clue who she is .. (other than she appears to be an Irish Gov’t Minister) ..

    But to me, she resembles a Bulldog licking piss off a thistle ..

    And whoever had the guts to “tup” it .. must have bigger balls than Barney’s Bull ..

  9. I know this will be hard to believe, but that is our Minister for Health.  Any other ministry, and I could just about tolerate her, but health????

    And thanks for the mention of tupping. I have just thrown up…

  10. Nah!  She’s just stuck there because no one else wants the job now.  She’s fucked the systm up beyond all repair.  The original FUBAR.

  11. I’d take the job. Couldn’t do a worse job than she’s doing already. Plus I don’t like to travel, so I’ll be cheaper on everyone’s pocket.

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