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  1. If women are so good at multitasking why do they need a year off for maternity leave?

    Tin helmet on, now that I’ve posted my ‘gender racism’ comment for the day, heh.

  2. Cap’n Con – It’s a case of playing the old sympathy card again.
    *also dons tin helmet*

    Quet Reader –  I followed your link and it just said “Error”.  Mwaahahaha!!  And I am very choosy about who I share my dangly bits with, if you don’t mind.

    DBM – I must confess it is extremely convenient, especially when there is no convenience.  Many’s the doorway that has been marked with my presence after a good feed of pints.  Dogs have the right idea.  My terretory now extends to the length and breadth of Ireland [and a good bit beyond].

  3. Those dirty bastards!

    It is a must-read.

    Lets play their game. – Use the ‘search’ on that ‘error’ page, type in ‘woman’s day’. It is the second article. – Until they hide it.

  4. OK.  A quick question.  If women want to be equal, why do they set themselves apart by having a Women’s Day?  Surely in an equal world, there would be no differentiation?

  5. An oldie but a goodie………..if women can multi task; how come they can’t have sex and a headache at the same time ?

  6. This ‘mulitasking’ is just a pathetic rumour put out by women.  It’s a load of cobblers.  I tried to get herself to plough the field and do the washing up at the same time and she said she couldn’t do that.  All lies.

  7. To clarify my first reply. – ‘You’ as in, men in general, not you specifically.

    I don’t want Herself to catch wind of any implied impropriety esp since she may be in a foul mood from not appreciating the garden shed. Now don’t move her into the chicken coop, or expect a fowl mood.

    Wishing I was in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant.
    Again, not directed to you personally.

  8. Wishing I was in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant

    And thousands were killed in the rush.

  9. I feel a bit sorry for Irish women. There must be a load of them who would be good public representatives but just won’t even attempt to put themselves forward because they know that a certain family in their area has a grip on the local party so there’s no point. That goes for FF, FG and Labour.

    Also, who the fuck would want to follow Mary Harney and Mary Coughlan in an equality line-up?

    Mary Coughlan is only in the cabinet because she wouldn’t have a hope of launching a leadership bid (thank fuck) and thats why Cowen put her in as Tanaiste. Its a lot more secure for Clowen to have that unfortunate gobshite there than someone like Michael Martin looking over his shoulder.

    Only problem is that she’s rather obviously poorly educated, incompetent, has never had her Department under control and is steadily just adding to the foul-ups, bloops and blunders pile.

    As for Harney? Well, Harney is long past her sell-by date.

  10. Still, I hope that longed for day soon dawns when women no longer need men at all and then marriage as an institution can fall by the wayside.

    I mean- if women can fund the world, have a career, raise a family and don’t need a man for any of it is this necessarily bad news?

    Don’t know about the rest of the lads reading this but they are welcome to all that. Just let me know when I can invest in a new fishing rod, ladies. Its alllllllll yours.

  11. There have been a couple of debates lately about the lack of women in Irish politics, and my answer is that if the current crop are anything to go by, then it’s best to keep ’em out!  There are a couple of exceptions, but frankly Harney, Cooper Flynn, Coughlan and their ilk don’t do much for the image of their gender.

    As for your vision of the future where women can happily go out and do all the work while the men stay at home and do fuck all, then bring it on.

    Hang on…  That describes my life now.  Heh!

  12. The problem with American men is that they have no lead in their pencil.  Now, if you were in Ireland………

  13. I will be right there!

    With my pencil-sharpener.

    For a few, long, Drawn-out nights.

    Write on.

    Ok, I should stop now.

  14. Cool. If they can get pregnant with a turkey baster or a quick visit to LIDL’s maternity aisle then so much the better.

    If its come down to needing men only as a second salary and in order to buy a suitable property then why should men bother with the traditional ball and chain that marriage entails?

    Man up, guys. Go explore the world, go fishing, stand on the lip of an active volcano. Beats living a shorter life span through stress of marriage, kids and so on.

  15. Here in America there was no mention of “International” Women’s Day. Like everyone has mentioned, it doesn’t make sense for women to want to be “equal” with men, but then have a day to celebrate their differences?

    I’m with the camp that has the idea that men and women ARE different, and for very good reasons. Why would I want to be equal with a man? It’s impossible.

    Equality between men and women is a load of bollix*

    *exceptions may apply
    .-= Shannon´s last brainfart .. Memories =-.

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