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  1. Brianf – For fuck’s sake – I have enough problems with the word ‘blog’.  There is no fucking way I am going to use that other word.

    TT – I’m a bit confused.  Is it World Book Day, or Ireland & UK Book Day?  Websites don’t seem to know?

  2. I’m just realising the first one was 222 pages. That’s a shit load of cut and pasting.

    I also noticed that the 2nd hand ones cost more than the new ones, apart from the soiled 2nd hand ones obviously. Does that mean it’s a collector’s item?

    And, as if I haven’t asked enough questions, when’s the follow up due?
    .-= not twitter´s last brainfart .. Not my fault =-.

  3. Please..  It is not cutting and pasting.  Think of it more as mining gold.

    Of course it’s a collectors item.  Sotheby’s are already collecting first editions.

    The next volume will probably come out if I ever manage to spend the dosh from the first one.

  4. Grandad,
    I just had to send this to you, I’m sure you already are aware but it is definitely one of the those “told you so” moments that you have been hollering about for quite some time, here goes: Irish “legislation” has infringed on EU law by fixing a minimum retail price for cigarettes according to Directive 95/59 (source, RTE daily e-mail). So much for Irish self-determination and running your country the way you the people want your affairs run!
    I know this blog has nothing to do with the above, but when I saw the news I thought to my self, _ _ _ _-it, one more example of a one government world order???

  5. It’s World Book Day in Ireland and the U.K.
    Bit like the U.S. World Series. The intrernational WBD is April 23?
    When I was at school today was (something like) International Grammar Day.

  6. John – I saw that of course and read it all with interest.  Of course there are those who will gloat and say the EU is of some use after all and most of you would think I’m pleased.  Quite honestly, I’d rather pay over the odds for my baccy than have that shower of fuckers tell me what to do.  Our gubmint will only increase taxes to fill the gap anyway.

    TT – I had a tennis match with my dog in the garden today.  I called it the World Tournament.  Inpressive, huh?

    Manuel – Yes.  You must.  Really.  Soon.  Now.


  7. Cup of tea….? Cup of tea…..?! Do they think Ireland is in England Grandad? Have these Americans started to lump all their ‘old countries’ together now, into one big ‘overthere’ – where everyone drinks tea?
    Could be. Yanks in general seem very confused about other folks countries and cultures. I once heard one on a T.V. show announcing Copenhagen as the capital of Amsterdam (???????????)
    .-= Geri Atric´s last brainfart .. FOUND! =-.

  8. I have been enjoying Head Rambles, limiting myself to a few chapters a day so as not to finish it too quickly. You mentioned in your book the things you miss about Christmas in the 1959’s, which I found ironic because we continue to visit Ireland about every two years because the country (away from the Dublin area) reminds us of the way things were in small town America in the 50’s. Thanks for continuing to take the time to communicate via your blog. I check it daily because I enjoy what I understand to be your crotchety, irreverent attitude toward issues which bring themselves to your attention.

  9. Kirk M – What do you think?

    Geri – My personal rule is that I drink copious  quantities of tea, but never coffee at home.  When I am out, I never drink tea, only coffee and Guinness.

    John C  – Welcome!  It’s nice to finally meet one of my readers [I have already met the other one].    I saw a film the other day, showing Dublin in the late fifties/early sixties and it brought a bit of a lump to my throat.  In those days, the city may have been poor and a little shabby but it had soul.  Now it’s just a plastic replica of any other city.  Maybe I’ll write a post about it?

  10. I think you should do a ‘reading’ to primary children in the local library . . now there’s an education!

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