Caring for the elderly — 9 Comments

  1. tt made me post a comment. Something about feeling sorry for some old fart. He’s off to his first BBQ of the year at 4pm. The twat didn’t invite me.

  2. TT choses his mates well, even if he doesn’t invite them to his BBQs.  You can come to mine if you like?  Bring fur coats and thermal underwear.

  3. You were gone? What the hell, I just tried to leave the first three words of this message and I was told that “it” was a little bit too short (you’re not Skype-ing my bathroom again are you?) and to try again. It is obvious that you want lengthy commentary and discourse, how un-Grandad of you! Yours in verbiage, John

  4. I did drop by expecting to hear you rejoicing on the EU banning fixing prices on tobacco products and the consequent condemnation by ASH. But not a fucking word…

  5. The way things have been going lately I’ve ended up having to catch up on an entire week’s worth of your posts at a time. So no worries about missing a day or so since it’s less catching up to do on my part.

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