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  1. I was thinking of taking up a hobby.  That ‘Blogging’ thing looks interesting.  Anyone know anything about it?

  2. Blogging, nah. Although you might want to ask TheOtherFellow about it. Word has it that he’s quite well up on it.

  3. Robert – Ask that eejit?  No chance.  Nobody reads his site anyway.  Hah!  😉

    Not Twitter – Witter?  Not Witter?  Never heard of it.  I suppose I could write a book, but no one would publish it…….

  4. Jayze, Groandad. Myself and a couple of other concerned citizens are doing better than you are at the moment with RTE.

    Couple of weeks back we decided to email their production legal team asking whether we could have details of RTE’s policy on awarding production contracts. It hadn’t escaped our attention that a company called Kairos had been making LOADS of programmes for RTE Religious Affairs Unit and as Kairos is based in Maynooth we thought it might be interesting to see whether the public broadcaster contracts policies and oversight were being adhered to.

    Last email to them was 12th February (last Friday) and we’ve just received an email dated 19th February from the production lawyer thanking us for our enquiry and that they would be back to us within a week with details of the proper commissioning process.

    Sorry about that Groandad. I think RTE Religious Affairs (where undoubtedly you will have worked) are a bit busy going ‘Ohhh shiiiiiittttttt’ at the moment.

  5. Well congrats on the retirement. You started in 1971? That’s a bit old to start a career. Let’s see, you were married in 1938 and your daughter was born in ’47. so you must have been in your late 50’s when you started working. What did you do before this? Build beer wagons? Potato farmer? Maybe you helped build the mechanisms that powered the victrola. Enquiring minds want to know.
    .-= Brianf´s last brainfart .. The (Re)Birth of a Blog =-.

  6. Cap’n Con – I wish you luck in your wait for a response.  I have you have plenty of food and water in for the wait?  I rarely strayed near the Religious Department, unless I had a hefty string of garlic around my neck.  Thanks for the photo!  😉

    Brianf – You know damned well that I was too busy winning the war and all that crap.  You Americans claimed all the credit, but frankly all you did was get in the way.

  7. Heh- no worries Groandad. Don’t worry re RTE caper. We have a cunning plan. But we have to show we’ve made efforts to query through the process first;)

    I rather hope they fail to respond…

  8. It was ever thus Grandad .. I retired in 2003 having worked for the same large organisation in London for 30 years ..

    My Departmental Manager (who’d only been in post for a fortnight) .. and who didn’t know me from Adam said some meaningless drivel & presented me with a framed Certificate, showing the dates on which I started & finished with them ..

    That said, I didn’t really expect any better from the wankers .. so wasn’t unduly disappointed ..

    I have to say, I’ve been a much happier person since leaving their employ ..

  9. Cap’n Haddock – I wouldn’t expect any more from that shower.  In fairness tough, I am now entitled to one of the huge perks of RTE pensioners – no; not a TV licence but a free RTE Guide posted to my home  each week.     WOW!!

    Cardi – I wouldn’t know.  I can’t tell one day of the week from the next.   Fucking bliss!!!

  10. HR ? … The “Doris” from my old HR Dept wanted to conduct an “exit” interview when I retired ..

    I explained to her that as the HoD could only spare me 5 minutes & didn’t even offer me a cup of Tea after 30 years loyal service .. She could stick her “exit” interview where the sun doesn’t shine … I never did have one .. Ha ha

    Like you Grandad, the only contact I want with my former employer is when the oul’ pension money hits the Bank Account every month .. works for me .. Lol

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