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  1. No, but I would comment that you have surprisingly black hair. My father went grey in his 30s and – thank God – the baldness gene isn’t in our family line.

    Love the facial hair. You look very distinguished.

  2. The hair may be black now, but if I’m like my Dad it’ll be pure white soon.

    And I am distinguished.

  3. And no, you don’t look impressed. You do look like a VIP though.

    (Very Impotent Person)

  4. The only thing that can be seen from my windows is wildlife. So I do go looking at birds with the binoculars. But not in the way you are thinking.

    So it was you sending me the 400+ spam?

  5. Grandad you have killed my computer!!!!

    I am unable to link to the RTE prog no matter how I try.

    I suppose I just have to wait until we meet in the flesh.

    Is ‘Herself’ still livin apart?

    Now I don’t make porridge but I am a dab hand at an omelette…..

  6. @Cormac – You’re not my type.

    @Grannymar – Sorry about the computer. Blame RTE [in fact – sue them]. I’m afraid you have missed your chance. Herself is coming back [now that she has the smell of Celebrity in her nostrils].

    @Dave – You are my type. Though I don’t know what I’ve done that’s heroic.

  7. RTE website for videos can be impossibly slow.

    Anyway, I recorded it on Sky+ yesterday. You look like a university professor who possibly likes open toed sandals and may have small birds growing in your beard. But in fairness, you’ve very little grey hair, unlike myself.

  8. John. If it is any consolation, I did teach for a few years.

    The sandals are put away for a few more weeks, but I drive Herslf mad by wearing socks with them [sometimes]. There could be birds in the beard. It is certainly nest building time.

    I was going to sprinkle talc in the hair, but I decided to let nature take it’s course. One thing I am grateful for is that genetically, I should retain a grand thatch. All my ancestors had good heads of hair.

    Oh! And RTE can’t get anything right. Take it from One Who Knows.

  9. Well done Grandad! Liked the big words… had to get the dictionary out! 🙂 I too am suspicious about the binoculars… perhaps you’re a CIA operative, all the anti-American stuff is to help with your cover? hmmm… the thoeries!

  10. What big words???

    Actually, they are for watching the CIA operatives.

    At least we removed the obscene cactus. Be grateful for small mercies.

  11. LOL – and you know they are out there Grandad, especially after that performance, they are but one step closer!

    Just kidding on the words – catharsis… one of those power words you know! 🙂

  12. The catharsis is only killin’ me for the last year, but I’m under the doctor for it now……

  13. Goddam Real player + = pain in the arse.

    But I’m not giving in just yet. I’m anxious to the state of semi-dementia to see this 🙂

  14. @That Girl – That one is definitely going in my Testimonial Page!!!!

    @Richard – I’ll be releasing the video shortly at only €50 [+p&p] if you want to wait?

  15. Hello Grandad,

    My, you are a dapper fellow! Very distinguished and collegiate. You look like one of the cast of “Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolfe”.

    Wasn’t able to bring in RTE1 and not able to use your link to see the broadcast either. A box kept popping up telling me that I was lacking some equipment. Oh,well, that’s the story of my life. But, anyway I now know what you look like and if I had any advice for Granny I would tell her to hurry back.

  16. Gosh, you are so posh and eloquent. Great to see you in the flesh. The anniversary blog was my favorite. Completely emphathise with the stopping issue!

  17. oo I’ll have to link to you then and say “as seen on Headrambles” I’ll be famous!

  18. I wish my mother could read this – Dapper fellow? Distinguished? Collegiate? Posh? Eloquent? She was forever telling me I was a scruffy layabout!

    Sorry about that box Nancy. No. Why am I apologising? Blame RTE. Their video feeds are infamous.

    Flirty – you’re an old romantic at heart!

    And That Girl – you can add the link. You are in my hall of infamy along with Bertie Ahern, George W, and God amongst others.

  19. Now listen all you folk out there, this has to stop!

    Stop immediately!

    Herself is coming home and her life will be hell. Grandad’s head is swelling by the minute with all the compliments.

    Think of her for a minute, Maybe she will put him in the hen house – far to good for him I say!!

  20. I hope I am never on trial with Grannymar in the jury. I wouldn’t stand a chance.

    You are jumping to conclusions, which surprises me.

    Read my post today and maybe you will see the light.

    Nice to see you back in circulation by the way!


  21. Me ‘jumping to conclusions’…

    not at all, it is all just good fun.

    Glad you got ‘Herself’ on board. I like her stuff.

  22. Oh dear. They’ve put you on TV. You’ll be expecting a bloody red carpet to be laid at your feet next time you come around


  23. I might point out that you got an oblique reference on air [as the ‘friend’ who told me not to start blogging], so you have your moment of glory.

    And don’t worry about the red carpet. If I need to see you, I’ll send for you. Either that or My People will arrange one.

    Do you want me to come down to officially open your new office space?

  24. Is it just me or does the video not work for everyone. I can hear it all, but theres no picture. If I move it on a bit I get a still for that part of the clip, but the still doesnt move. It looks good too…

  25. Aha! You are not missing much! 🙂

    Seriously though, RTE are notorious for their video streaming. Have you tried both Real Player and Media Player?

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