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  1. Just registered charities competing for cash, Groandad. Moral alarm is one of the many ways in which Chief Executives of such charities can claim flights to conferences and expensive cars.

    If I told the Irish Cancer Society that I could prove that the number one cause of cancer in the world is genetic predisposition would they immediately demand that we kill everybody whose parents had had cancer? No.

    If I told them I could prove that the second highest cause of cancer in the developed world is urban pollution would they demand that the government ban all cars in Ireland, ban all trucks and make every Irish city car-free? No they wouldn’t.

    They are addicted to two things- getting funding for the Irish Cancer Society and the sexiest narcotic of all time … ‘telling other people how to live their lives’.

  2. I just wish they would get the message that what they are doing is pissing off a good portion of the population, and that it’s actually counterproductive.  Wankers.

  3. The likes of the ICS & the twats we suffer over here aren’t in the least interested in how many people they piss-off .. nor how counter-productive their pernicious campaigns are ..

    Cap’n Con has it right .. so long as they feel that they’re “in charge” & that their over generous salaries & fat-cat pensions are safe .. they couldn’t give a Fish’s tit ..

  4. Basically its the nicest form of government going- directing people without the responsibility of having to justify or hold surgeries.

    ‘Won’t somebody think of the children’


    ‘I know. I’m a health professional’.

    Best way to deal with the latter is to ask them why their profession is notoriously the worst for drug and alcohol abuse. And how have they fixed that problem?

  5. When are people going to wake up the fact that these propaganda campaigns are the greatest load of crap?  That fact that people are actually being taken in by that Third Hand Smoke bilge makes me despair for the future of mankind.

  6. Its a well known fact that within the human make-up is the need to feel “superior” to someone else ..

    As we’re no longer allowed to feel superior to our “Non-reflective” bretheren .. and its permanent “Close season” on Botty Bandits .. and those of a “Travelling” nature are out of bounds … there’s only we Smokers left as targets ..

  7. Shit like this really winds me right up. The last figures I heard (via Dick Puddlcote’s blog) were that the government in the UK had spent something in the region of £43million in a year on this bollocks.

    With all their other adverts about 5 a day this and checking the batteries in your smoke detector I get so irritated. On some cable channels, in the middle of the fucking night FFS, I have seen 5 govt paid for ads in a single ad break. No exaggeration – 5 in a poxy row..

    All telling me to look at their shitty websites. Which we’ve also paid for.

    Shower of worthless ****s..

  8. grandad i thaught u would have been savvy enough to figure this out:)
    when i was working as an engineer in motorola as a software engineer i was always able to justify my existence. however some employees with dodgy titles like ‘process engineer’ or ‘quality consultant’ always had to justify not twisting their thumbs.
    the best way was always regulation:) or an extra step to make your job harder.
    so thats all this is!! these guys are in a state of perpetual regulatory revolution to justify their jobs. I mean think about it, they are paid by the week and they have to show something for the yearly audit apart from updating the date on they’re website!!!

  9. I’ve just seen this, courtesy of Mark Wadsworth’s blog, which happens to mention the crap I was referring to:

    “Shadow Chancellor George Osborne yesterday pledged that the Government’s advertising budget would be among the first to be cut by a new Conservative government… Osborne confirmed the marketing budget handled by the COI, which last year amounted to £540 million, was the place to begin the necessary changes… The Government was the UK’s largest advertiser in 2009 following an increase of 43% year on year. It was responsible for campaigns ranging from recruiting teachers to helping people give up smoking, and recycling to tax returns.”

    How’s that for serendipitous timing..?

    The £40million-odd I mentioned was just the anti-smoking part btw.

  10. I have no problem with people trying to justify their petty little jobs and giving themselves fancy titles.  Where I do have a problem is when these same fuckers try to impose yet more petty laws, restricting my freedom, and in the process spending my money.

    With regard to the amount being spent by governments both here and in the UK,  isn’t it very strange that money is no problem there, yet one of the reasons they cite for combatting smoking is the cost to the health service?  Why don’t they spare us all and give the advertising money straight to the hospitals?

  11. What?!? That would make far too much sense..

    Best not try standing for office with ideas like that Grandad..

  12. Maybe if they used the money to buy carbon credits which could in turn be exchanged for Russian gas which could then be sold at massive profits and the profits ploughed into the health service [and not forgetting a healthy backhander for the politicians]??

  13. was over in Dooboy there last week, where smoking isn’t seen as akin to head butting children.

    You can smoke in bars, pubs, clubs and nearly every restaurant but they do cater for the “non smoker” as you have “smoke free restaurants” and bars which are just as shiney and new and “HIP” as all the others establishments but guess what? nobody was in them.

  14. Now isn’t that logical?  Isn’t that the way to go?  Choice?  No on ostracised or marginalised?

    Why, oh why can’t other countries follow that example?

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