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  1. That is exactly how my brain farts also. I’ll come up with a great idea for a post usually while I’m far from the laptop. Then by the time I’ve returned the ‘great’ idea is either gone or I’ve decided it’ not so great.
    .-= Brianf´s last brainfart .. Kittens =-.

  2. Moliere, or one of those other French wankerists that everyone now admires till they pass out, used to spend an entire day, and we’re not talking 9-5 but more like 7 -11, creating one perfect sentence would empty their leftish nostril in your direction at your lack of dedication to the craft.

  3. Brianf – Yup.  That’s the feeling.  Jusrt think of all that wisdom being lost forever, just for the lack of a keyboard!  I suppose some wanker is now going to suggest I get an iPad!!

    Not Twitter – It seems to work though?  Do you think afterwards?

    Ian – Just write backwards.  Maybe I’ll try that sometime and see if anyone notices the difference?

    PPaulo – I never admired him?  Does he write a blog website?  He sounds like a right pain in the hole if he is that fussy.  I fart in the direction of his aunties.

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