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  1. She took the heat off Enda, all right!  Not that he deserves it.  Why don’t you lot kick him into touch?  He’s a fucking liability!!

  2. Well I tink she’s a bitch and so do all my friend in Fianna Fail. And me Mam.

    Her name is down in the list back at HQ. (Recycled paper).

  3. Hello Grandad

    I’ve read your site for quite a while now and I really enjoy your lack of creativity and wishy-washy opinions.

    You seem like the type who would be interested in the goings-on at

    Not much happening there now, perhaps you can help change that. Maybe you can get information too, such as, why you wouldn’t be in favor of the supposed cervical cancer vaccine.

    Hope to see you there.
    Scratch that.
    Hope you will give it a gander.

  4. Unstranger – That is what the Greens would have us believe.  I don’t care one way or the other – they needed to be told.

    Mr. Gormless Gormley – Welcome!  I’m sure if you ask Biffo nicely he will give you a Prozac?  Maybe even a recycled one?

    Brianf – Think of all the greenhouse gasses you would create travelling over.  She mightn’t like that?

    QR – Welcome!  I’m so glad you like my site.  I am a little puzzled though – why would you want my lack of creativity and wishy-washy opinions expressed on that site?  Or do you have something against them?  And what in the name of fuck makes you think I wouldn’t be in favor of the supposed cervical cancer vaccine?

  5. Grandad, I think you took me all wrong. –

    I was hoping you would realize that I was kidding, without me having to put smiley faces all over.

    Also, I was saying that there are reasons to not be in favor of the vaccine.

    Are we ok now?

  6. I was hoping you would realize that I was kidding

    I did.  So was I.  But I was puzzled by the vaccine bit.  I haven’t made a study of it so I know little about it.  Is there something I shoukd know.

    The picture is your Gravatar, that you must have signed up for.  I haven’t a clue what it is though?  A green pussy?

  7. I did not sign up for any Gravatar. I wasn’t even asked about it. Nothing was offered, so I don’t know how I ended up with that…thing. – I hope you are not speaking from experience.

    I will gather up the vaccine info and get back to you. In the meantime, don’t get the shot.

    Make the GP go away, and give me a pic of a book, on a patio table, with a spectacular sunset in the background. Yes, in that tiny space. – Make it happen.

  8. Grandad

    There is a ‘Health’ category at the ukcon site, where I posted a lot of vaccine info. I didn’t want to muck up your place here. If you are adverse to visiting that site, I will muck away.

    I appreciate your time and consideration in this matter. I am sick of people suffering needlessly!

    If you’re going to suffer, you better have a darn good reason.

  9. Ms de Burca has certainly ‘tidied’ herself up since I knew her years ago when she worked as a psychologist. Mad frizzy curly hair, nose piercing, certainly didnt wear suits like that!!! She did come in for some serious stick about the wicklow county council planning laws a while back didnt she? Dont really know enough about her political career though to have an informed opinion on her but I’m glad to see the spotlight on the Greena Fail calamity at last. Just what is their manifesto nowadays and how on earth can it be compatible with a shower of shites like fianna fail?

    Is mise

  10. QR – The avatar is a mystery.  People normally sign up for them, and if they haven’t, then no avatar should show.  You can see that on some of the other comments.  Someone must have signed you up when you weren’t looking!  Incidentally, I shall refuse the cervical cancer vaccine next time I’m offered it.  I’ll use the rather flimsy excuse that I don’t have a cervix.

    Becky – The Green manifesto is completely irrelevant.  They just tag along with Fiann Fail at every step.  Every now and then they manage to use the word ‘environment’ when referring to a Fianna Fail policy.

  11. The truth is great. All we need now is the truth behind Deirdre’s reasons for quitting.
    .-= Bock the Robber´s last brainfart .. 027 =-.

  12. Who cares?  It was just great seeing Gormless getting a teeth kicking, and  watching him squirm after.

  13. Grandad – Good call, on the no shot.

    You are probably tired of reading about the conditions, but there may be some info you haven’t come across. – I have posted article links about Restless Leg, and Chronic Fatigue.

    Good Health to you, Sir.

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